On Thursday, October 14, a museum in Berlin, Germany broke new ground by opening an exhibition, for the first time since World War II ended 65 years ago, about Adolf Hitler. The exhibition, “Hitler and the Germans” (Hitler und die Deutsche), is at the German Historical Museum (Deutsches Historisches Museum) and will continue until February 4, 2011. It explores how Hitler came to power and his hold over the German people, including how the Germans themselves were looking for a strong leader to extricate them from the economic depression and social chaos of the early 1930’s. While the exhibition does not have any personal items of Hitler’s, it does display some fascinating Nazi memorabilia, including “Fuhrer-Quartett” playing cards with Hitler and other Nazi leaders on them, toy tin soldiers dressed in Nazi uniforms, and a large sideboard designed by Albert Speer for the Reich Chancellery that is inlaid with swastikas and eagles.