Saturday, August 4, ’12
H-92 Cherry Hill T-STORMS L H 68 L 58 H H 71 L 58 M H 77 L 64
L-74 C H 94 L 76
Bear update: The Bear says We Have Come Ashore In Triumph Party. TR says, “You must tell that Pirate in Tarthens that this is in the Tradition of General Bearus.” Moose say, “You are an asshole, Bear!” Lou says we will have a General Bearus Asshole Party. We will serve Foods That Assholes Like To Eat.
We woke up to sun. Will it last? No! It poured rain. The power went off, and the temperature in the carport climbed to 92.
Tucson 99/78 T-STORMS Brooklyn 87/76
We woke up at 7:30AM. We got dressed and went to breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Gary went to visit his sister in Haddonfield. Kenny and I went to the hotel restaurant for lunch. After lunch I started to repack all the luggage after the debacle of disembarking. Then the power went off. Gary came back. We drove to Friendly’s in Westmont. That was in Haddon Township. Then we drove into Haddonfield to look at the old house. We took photos. We continued to repack at the motel. Gary’s sister gave him junk from the old house. Now we have to find room in the car for that, too. We returned to the Friendly’s area and had dinner in an Italian Restaurant next door, Nick and Joes Pizza. We went to an ATM at Citizen’s Bank. We returned to the hotel room. We spent a lot less money today.
Cunard Encourages Repeat Voyages, But It Also Encourages Repeat Entertainment . . .
We sailed to Hamburg on July 6. We returned to New York on July 25. The speakers in Illuminations on the return voyage were different. But guess what? The entertainment was very much the same. RADA repeated The Canterbury Tales and even Richard III. They showed the same silly murder mystery. They even interviewed Captain Wells on the last day of each voyage. Since Cunard encourages repeat voyages, you would think they’d provide for more varied entertainment.
Gwen dropped the bomb today. She claimed that the legal process in New Jersey would hold up the proceeds from the sale of the house for two years. We were hoping to pay off our house this year. I’m advising Gary to call the lawyers himself to get a straight story.
Right now I’ve got $14,521.71 in my Fidelity accounts. If we spent only $300.00/day the way we did in June, the money would last for 48 more days.
Still no contract . . .
What next?

Saturday, August 4, ’12
1)Red Hot & Blue breakfast Fidelity Checking $42.80
2)Red Hot & Blue lunch Fidelity Checking $25.21
3)Friendly’s ice cream Fidelity Checking $10.88
4)Nick and Joe’s Pizza dinner Fidelity Checking $40.13
TOT: $119.02