Thursday, August 9, ’12 56 Days Of Trip’12
H-88 Bedford T-STORMS L H 77 L 57 H H 65 L 51 M H 73 L 57 RAIN
L-67 C H 98 L 79
Bear update: The Bear says We Have Escaped To New Stanton Party. TR says, “We have escaped the Pittsburgh Pirates.” Moose say, “The Broncos wouldn’t have nothin’ to do with you, Bear!” Lou says we will have a Pittsburgh Pirates Party. We will serve Pittsburgh Foods.
We woke up to sun. Will it last?
Tucson 106/78 Brooklyn 87/75
We woke up at 7:30AM. We got dressed and went to breakfast at McDonalds. We packed up the car and checked out of room 308 at 9:58AM. Our first pit stop was at the Somerset South Travel Plaza. Then we went through the Allegheny Tunnel again, the very last tunnel of the trip. That’s amazing considering the 4-mile long tunnel in the Thuringian Forest area of Germany. We got off the turnpike at exit 146 at Bedford and had lunch at McDonalds. We bought a flat of water and klondikes. We checked into the Bedford Inn during an early afternoon thunderstorm. This is the third time on this trip we’ve stayed here. This is the only hotel in the entire trip that we’ve stayed at either three times or for three nights, except QM2, of course. This time we’re in room 115. We took the dog and cat for a walk around the property. Gary’s doing work for Farmer and Shapiro. He’s also calling clients on the phone, but he’s not getting very far. I don’t know how this is going to work as far as earning a living. We walked the pets a second time during the afternoon. The inner courtyard reminds me of the Holiday Inn at Deming. There’s lots of grass, foliage, a pool, and a restaurant with outdoor seating. We went to dinner at Ed’s Steakhouse the same as a few days ago. I bought more postcards. We did laundry and figured out tomorrow’s itinerary.
I really have only $7068.42 left for the rest of the vacation this month. The other money, $5666.09, is invested in the dividend fund which is up right now. If I divide 7068.42 by $300.00 I get 23.56. Coming in June it took us 21 days to get this far. I think we should go straight back at almost the same pace. Maybe we can add a couple of days here and there — or we’ll run out of money. Last year in September it cost $7000.00 to spend 20 days on vacation in New Mexico.
Gary finally contacted the lawyer. They said to look at the website: NJ Surrogates Court.
Fatty showed up again with his Thuringian Elephant raised in the zoo at the Elephant Hotel in Weimar. He also showed us his black cat, raised from hell on Walipurgis Night.
The Bedford Inn Clara’s Place Reminds Me Of The Holiday Inn at Deming: Old But Green 8/9/12
After staying at The Bedford Inn on the Pennsylvania Turnpike three times on the current trip across the country and to Europe, I’ve decided that it reminds me of another older property with maintenance problems that we tend to stay at a lot —- the Holiday Inn in Deming, New Mexico on I-10. Both properties are having trouble keeping their brand affiliation. The Bedford Inn was a Best Western. The billboard is still up on the turnpike advertising that it is only a few more miles. The Holiday Inn at Deming personnel confided in me that Holiday Inn is criticizing their room service. But both properties offering green swards for pets in the central courtyard. The Holiday Inn even provides doggie bags. Both enjoy large pools. Both operate restaurants of the non-chain variety that are popular with locals. The Bedford Inn may have a musty-smelling main building, but it’s a good place to park your pooch on the turnpike.
Gary called the electric company yesterday at Friday’s and found out that the current electric bill is $68.45, a record low. We deposited $2000.00 from the Met Life account in Bear Treasury. Yesterday we deposited Gary’s two checks in Fidelity Checking.
cancellation number#1596037420 La Quinta VA Beach
Still no contract . . .
What next?

Day Toyota oil change Kenny $47.03
Express Pay New Stanton gas Kenny $31.26

Thursday, August 9, ’12 $13,298.44
1)McDonalds New Stanton breakfast Fidelity Checking $19.02
2)McDonalds New Stanton breakfast for dog cash $1.06
3)McDonalds Bedford lunch Fidelity Checking $23.88
4)RG’s Food Mart ice cream and water Fidelity Checking $10.36
5)Bedford Inn room 115A cash $108.19
6)Ed’s Steakhouse dinner Fidelity Checking $79.45
7)McDonalds dessert Fidelity Checking $4.98
8)laundry $3.00
TOT: $249.94