Sunday, August 12, ’12
H-78 Wytheville L H 78 L 58 H H 70 L 52 M H 71 L 51
L-57 C H 98 L 77
Bear update: The Bear says The Pirate On Wallen Ridge Drive Has Sent His Insects After Us Party. TR says, “But we have Paw Power.” Moose say, “You ain’t a cat, Bear!” Lou says we will have a Send Our Cat After The Pirate Party. We will serve Halloween Foods.
We woke up to sun. Will it last? It lasted, and the temperature in Wytheville climbed to 78.
Tucson 107/80 Brooklyn 85/70 Gila Bend 117/91 Phoenix had another habob.
We woke up at 7:30AM. We got dressed and went to breakfast in the lobby. There wasn’t much there — not even any orange juice that was possible to drink. It was one of the skimpiest CP’s I’ve seen on this trip, but what would you expect of a HOJO’s? We packed up the car and checked out of room 107 at 10:10AM. Our first pit stop was at exit 168 at Arcadia, close to Buchanan, to get gas at a Shell Station. Our second pit stop was at exit 158, a doggie stop. We stopped at a rest area. It was small and crowded like all these Virginia/North Carolina rest areas. I remember that from years ago. Our third pit stop was the McDonalds at exit 146, Hollins University. We ate lunch there. They were playing objectionable TV programs. They were crowded enough to be annoying. Our fourth pit stop was at another McDonalds at Christiansburg at exit 118C. It was also crowded. Our fifth pit stop was at still another McDonalds at exit 98 near the Stonehenge Bed and Breakfast. We acted silly and got three dipped cones. At least it wasn’t very expensive. The sixth and final pit stop was a biggie. We stopped at the Petco at exit 70 that I saw coming on the trip in June. It was at Burke’s Shopping Center. We took Putlitz in. A crowd of admiring ladies gathered around him. We bought PPP, new crunchies, a dog toy, Bacon Strips, and more cat litter. We also went to a bank ATM drive thru and stopped at Sheetz. We drove back to exit 73. We didn’t see the Best Western so we checked into the Red Roof Inn next to a Bob Evans Restaurant. We got room 119. I notice on my desktop calendar that we were staying at a Red Roof Inn last Sunday night next to a Bob Evans in Harrisburg. We went to the Bob Evans Restaurant for dinner because we could see it and couldn’t see much else. We called my parents as we ate and looked down at I-81. Kenny looked up phone numbers for Gary’s list.
HOJO’s Outside Lexington, Virginia Wants You To Provide Your Own Maid Service
For $102.07 I had the rare privilege last night of making my own beds at this HOJO’s Motel just outside Lexington, Virginia at the head of the Shenandoah Valley. The maid dumped the sheets and pillowcases at my door, saying, “Sorry!” as she raced away. The check-in time was 3:00PM. We were there on the dot. The front desk clerk said they were “inspecting the room”. It would be a few minutes. Minutes stretched into an hour. Our dog, Sabaka, was antsy. We had to put him in the room. We unloaded all our luggage through the sliding glass door to the parking lot. When we were about to go foraging for sheets, they arrived.
The front desk tried to impress us with their wind turbines on the roof and their solar panels. They had Civil War and Colonial decorations in the lobby near the breakfast room. They even had an antiquated miniature golf course in the back of the property. But not only wasn’t there a restaurant in miles, not only weren’t the electrical outlets grounded in case of a thunderstorm, but I could look forward to perhaps vacuuming my own motel room, too, if I were ever zany enough to stop here again.
Stopping at the McDonalds at exit 98 near the Stonehenge Bed and Breakfast reminded me of the Stonehenge yet to come on the trip. Near Monahans/Odessa/Midland there was something called that we could see on the way back. I made a note of it coming. Also there’s the Monahans Sandhills State Park. It’s no White Sands, but if we spend an extra day there it might be interesting.
We drove from Lexington to Wytheville, VA. We’re now in the Highlands of Virginia almost on the Tennessee border. Our motel is up on a hill looking down at I-81 whizzing by down in the valley. This is the land of the Hatfields and McCoys, particularly Julius McCoy.
Dog/Cat Report:
Sabaka acted wild this morning in the HOJO’s motel room. There were other dogs outside. He just couldn’t wait to get into the car. He’s done this sort of thing on previous trips. So Gary started to take him. The dog pulled, Gary tripped, and Gary fell to the floor in the motel room. Later on we had to placate him by taking him to a rest area just for him, a doggie stop, so he could find some grass.
Putlitz decided to help himself to the dog’s kibble. We put out a plate from the kennel. The cat doesn’t want the dog to get something he doesn’t. So he was trying it. We had to get rid of the kibble. We might be able to keep the cat food from the dog by putting it up on counters, but there’s now way to keep dog food from the cat.
Still no contract . . .
What next?

Pilot gas Kenny $23.99
Walmart supplies Kenny $12.63

Sunday, August 12, ’12: $6489.41
1)Arcadia Shell Buchanan gas cash $30.00
2)McDonalds Roanoke lunch Bear Cash $28.26
3)McDonalds Dublin dipped cones Bear Cash $4.22
4)Petco: PPP, cat crunchies, dog toy, cat litter, Bacon Strips Bear Cash $60.03
5)Red Roof Inn Wytheville room 119 cash $62.94
6)Bob Evans dinner Bear Cash $51.16
TOT: $236.61