Thursday, August 16, ’12
H-98 Memphis L H 74 L 64 H H 71 L 56 M H 75 L 58
L-71 C H 94 L 76
Bear update: The Bear says My Flags Have Shipped Party. TR says, “I will carry them in a Triumphal Procession down 22nd Street.” Moose say, “You stole them flags, Bear!” Lou says we will have a Stolen Flags Party. We will serve Stolen Foods.
We woke up to sun. Will it last? It lasted, and the temperature in Memphis climbed to 98. There were a few clouds. There is a possibility of T-STORMS. We’re back to the land of heat. It won’t be as cool as it was two days ago until October. But even then in Tucson you don’t have to concern yourself with fog.
Tucson 92/74 T-STORMS Brooklyn 85/71
We woke up at 7:30AM. We got dressed and drove the pets down to the Log Cabin Restaurant for breakfast. They charged a lot. We checked out of room 132 at 10:18AM. Our first pit stop was at the TN rest area right after the TN River after exit 130. The dog liked all the grass and the shady trees. The 2nd pit stop was to get gas at Shell at exit 126. We also used the ATM to get $100.00 in cash. The 3rd pit stop was exit 108 McDonalds. It was across the street from a Civil War cannon. The 4th pit stop was lunch at the Casey Jones Village, the main exit for Jackson. We stopped at McDonalds. We had a blow up about Shapiro and Farmer. I took a photo of a train as we left. the 5th pit stop was at the Brownsville McDonalds at exit 56. We got dipped cones and found out Shapiro was sending a check today so there will be money for the week. The 6th pit stop was at Pilot at exit 42. We drove 30 more miles in Memphis and stopped for the day at exit 12, E. Sycamore View. We’re staying this time at the Red Roof Inn in room 144. It’s right next to Cracker Barrel. We went to dinner at Cracker Barrel. The Bear had a food fight. We filmed it.
Tennessee Rest Areas Really Nice — Only On One Side Of The Road 8/16/12
The dog’s loving it. Every time he jumps out of the car into a patch of grass with lots of trees for shade he can thank the Tennessee Interstate Commission. But on the way East in June he didn’t get to stop at so many rest areas. We avoided second-class treatment having to navigate dangerous stairways up steep slopes. We stopped at TA’s or McDonald’s instead. Did they toss a coin to see which side of the highway was going to get preferential treatment? Did those going West luck out? I’ve never seen anything like it in any other state, and we’ve driven through quite a few during this trip.
We drove from Hurricane Mills to Memphis today. the mountains are behind us. The land has flattened out. The heat is back and so is the humidity. Gone are the concerns of two days ago about fog and rain. There could be a thunderstorm now. That’s about it.
We’re almost done with Tennessee. That’s the best thing in a long time. Tennessee was always one of my hate states. Now we have to take on Arkansas. Hopefully we can find that Western Sizzlin’.
Blog for tomorrow: Can You Expect Red Roof Inn Memphis East To Pick Up The Garbage for $55.65?
Dog/Cat Report:
Sabaka devoured his chicken takeout from Cracker Barrel. It wasn’t nearly as good as the fried chicken from The Log Cabin Restaurant, but he’ll take whatever he can get. We stopped at a rest area for him today after exit 130 right after the Tennessee River. He appreciated all the green grass and shady trees.
The cat wanted to go out after dinner. He leaped up into the stroller and waited. We took him out but he continued to sit.
We are having George Shapiro send a check for $650.00 to:
La Quinta Inn Little Rock Otter Creek
11701 Interstate 30
Little Rock, AR 72209-7037
We spent a lot of time this evening in our motel room working on the Cheops Books Marketplace Seller Account, which we’ve ignored totally up to now. It all comes from some lady trying to buy Jason and Medea and canceling the order because we couldn’t ship until September. What an odd thing to be doing in a motel room!
Still no contract . . .
What next?

Thursday, August 16, ’12 (Last time you were in Memphis was June 24)
1)Log Cabin Restaurant Hurricane Mills breakfast Bear Cash $47.02
2)Crossroads BP gas cash $25.00
3)Crossroads BP postcards Bear Cash $8.13
4)McDonalds Jackson lunch Bear Cash $25.59
5)McDonalds Brownsville cones Bear Cash $4.25
6)Red Roof Inn East Memphis room 144 cash $55.65
7)Cracker Barrel Memphis dinner Bear Cash $56.10
TOT: $221.74