1935 Plot For Sale On Amazon Kindle:
1935 Plot is now for sale on Amazon Kindle for only $2.99. Download your copy today. If you would rather listen while you drive or work around hte house, send us your email address on the form on our website at: http://www.edwardwarethrillers.org and we will bill you by PayPal for $5.99 and send you a copy of the audio file.
Find out what happens when Colonel Sir Edward Ware and Dora, Lady Ware, confront the Nazis in the 1930’s. It all comes to a climax in 1935 Plot in the form of a female vamp, hired by none other than Adolf Hitler himself, to do in Lady Ware at the very first opportunity. The vamp’s to steal the Lawrence maps from Lady Ware’s husband, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, using any means in her arsenal of tricks. The maps are worth a king’s ransom. They are the key to world domination. Hitler knows it.1935 Plot is the second volume in the Edward Ware Thrillers At War Series.

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