Starting today and continuing through Wednesday midnight you will be able to download the young adult thriller Candle. If you get bored with watching the election returns take a break and escape to a suspense novel set at Midnight Beach. But hurry! This offer will not be repeated this year.
Maggie has just moved to Midnight Beach. She is the gauche kid driving a Humvee and doesn’t have any friends. The girls in the “in crowd” decide they don’t want anything to do with her unless she meets a test. She must spend the night in the graveyard alone without fleeing. Then they know she has the right stuff. But Maggie doesn’t know until it is too late that this island has a spooky legend associated with it. One hundred years before a planter’s wife was scared of the dark. He lighted a candle by her bed every night. When she died in childbirth he remembered. Every night in the cemetery he lighted the same candle so she would not be alone. In the middle of the night all alone in the graveyard herself, Maggie sees that light. Is the place really haunted or what? Or is it a practical joke or something worse? She had better figure it out or somebody may be lighting a candle for her.