Starting tonight at midnight and continuing through Saturday night at midnight you will be able to download Dark 2 on your Amazon Kindle for free. This is the next young adult thriller in the Point Horror Festival over the holidays. But hurry! This offer will not be repeated this year.
St. Simons Island should be paradise, but the quiet community is in ruins. At the center of it all is teenager Bianca Winters. Bianca has been living in fear since that dark night two years ago when she and the baby she was looking after had to run from a brutal murderer.
And it’s not over. Someone’s still after Bianca, playing on her fear of the dark, and that little baby is still one of the richest heiresses in America. So when the light fades, Bianca’s running again in this young adult murder thriller novel, part 2 in the Dark series.
Dark 2 was originally published by Scholastic UK in Great Britain. But now the young adult thriller novel is brought to you by Edward Ware Thrillers YA, an imprint of Cheops Books,LLC. Stories out of the past.