Starting tomorrow and for the next five days you will be able to download the first book in the Dark series, Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, on Amazon Kindle. This young adult thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. As the reviewer at the Dublin newspaper said it will make you too afraid to sleep. But hurry! This offer will not be repeated this year.
Bianca Winters is seventeen years old — but she’s still afraid of the dark. She has good reason. Two years ago Bianca was the only witness to a brutal murder that devastated her home-town, sleepy St. Simons Island. Bianca rescued the tiny child she was babysitting, and ran, and she feels like she’s been running ever since. Only Bianca can shed any light on the killing — and she can’t remember a thing about that night. Read what The Sunday Independent in Dublin has to say about this teen horror story turned romantic thriller: “Teens rarely need an excuse to stay up late, but The Dark by Linda Cargill would give pause for thought to even the most steely-nerved youngster. A genuinely griping horror story. Approach with caution.”