Would Be Christmas Bride: Miss Dora Benley got engaged to Lieutenant Edward Ware in May of 1915 when Edward was about to ship off to Gallipoli. She returned to Pittsburgh with her Crusader engagement ring that Edward gave her in England, an heirloom passed down in his family for generations, with the understanding that they would be seeing each other again at Christmas time. The war was supposed to be over. Peace was going to reign, and they were to be married at Salisbury Cathedral. Dora’s mother even bought the ocean liner discounts for all the guests to travel with them in an entourage back to England. But when Christmas came Edward was still far away fighting. He never returned for their wedding. Dora waited Christmas after lonely Christmas for her true love to return to her. She waited four long years for the Great War to end.

This story is recounted in the first volume of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War series, Key to Lawrence: Special Edition.