Phineas the Blind Man and the Harpies: I emphasized the mastery with which Jason and the Argonauts, the 1963 family mythological film for all ages, pursues special effects. In fact, the whole movie is little more than a connected series of these special effects episodes. They don’t interfere with the plot of the pursuit of the Golden Fleece in any way nor do they interfere with the character presentation. On the contrary, they serve as examples to help illustrate Jason’s growing heroism and self-reliance.
In this episode Jason must defeat the Harpies who plague the seer Phineas the Blind Man to find out how to get to Colchis. The Argonauts trap the Harpies in a net and build a cage. Then they hold a feast with Phineas. He tells them to go through the clashing rocks in five days, then proceed northeast to Colchis. But now Jason and his Argonauts have no god to protect them. Hera can no longer help. He has already asked her the five allowed questions. Now he is on his own just like any hero, which of course builds up to the next special effects scene.
This movie serves as an excellent backdrop for the Cheops Books LLC novel Medea’s Escape. The plot isn’t the same, but the age level is, both rather YA or for all age levels. Both were also inspired by Apollonius of Rhodes who wrote the Argonautica instead of Euripides, which is the more popular version of the myth.