Cheops Books: Thrillers About Volcanoes: Cheops Books LLC has published a young adult thriller novel about volcanoes, Death by Volcano. It is about the Mount St. Helens eruption in Washington state. It is presented from the point of view of a teenage girl who happens to move to the area with her parents and encounters goblins from the past in the shadow of the volcano. The whole area is haunted, and she finds herself getting more than chills and thrills. She almost gets killed, and not by a mere volcano.

This year Cheops Books LLC plans on publishing its second novel about volcanoes, the Old Faithful Plot. Hitler pursues Dora and Edward across the country. He sends his two chief spies, Frau and Herr von Wessel. They are to find the Lawrence maps at any cost and make Dora and Edward give them up — or they threaten to blow up Yellowstone National Park where Dora and Edward are hiding out. Hitler has learned that Yellowstone sits on a supervolcano that could go off at any moment. He figures he knows how to do it, and that would put the US at risk and out of his way.
Volcanoes are a little understood and very threatening natural phenomenon. Dormant volcanoes could start erupting again. Earthquakes could set things in motion. Evil scientific geniuses could exploit volcanoes that already exist. But they do form an exciting background for a thriller.