Mysterious Old Faithful Inn: Dora and Edward dine at the iconic Old Faithful Inn when hiding out at Yellowstone National Park in 1934. The huge log structure, the biggest in the United States, is dark inside despite all its windows. The dining room resembles the Great Hall of a European castle or palace it is so large, and vast, and it has such a high ceiling. Given to weird decorations in the lobby that look like forked weapons, it easily looks ominous and might be well placed in a fantastical horror story, perhaps with supernatural creatures. Given this sort of atmosphere it is the perfect setting for spies and intrigue. Dora and Edward are trying to hide military maps that hold the key to world domination. Adolf Hitler, the Chancellor and Fuhrer of Germany, has sent key snoops to spook him out and uncover his dark secrets. After weeks of a chase across the country on the Lincoln Highway, the adversaries meet face to face in the dining room of the Old Faithful Inn next to the geyser basin itself.
In a setting like this anything could happen. Hitler has ideas not only to blow up the United States using the supervolcano slumbering only yards away from the Old Faithful dining room, but to potentially change history itself. He wants to go back in time to ancient Rome to meet the one man who could change the course of German history so that Hitler and his fellows would win instead of lose the Great War. With that in mind, Hitler wants to eliminate all competition as he rolls up Europe and perhaps the rest of the world with moves made here in the Old Faithful Inn dining room.