Hitler Strikes At Iconic US Symbol Old Faithful:
Old Faithful Geyser, unlike any other on earth, erupts on a regular basis in Yellowstone National Park, perhaps every hour to ninety minutes. Ever since its discovery in the mid nineteenth century after which it almost immediately became a national park, it has become a symbol of America and the American West, the American wilderness. It is famous the world over. It is also well known that it sits on top of an enormous geyser basin as well as dormant volcanic cone so large that all of Yellowstone National Park is nothing more than a volcanic caldera waiting to happen someday all too soon.
Adolf Hitler heard about this geyser basin in isolationist America in the 1930’s when figures like Thomas Dewey of the America First Party wanted nothing to do with European politics. He wanted to encourage America to develop a Dewey-like attitude. He wanted Americans like Dora Benley, daughter of America First fund raiser, Winthrop Benley, to hand over whatever documents he wanted so he could force the British to come to terms with him. He demanded that she hand over the Lawrence maps, key to world domination, that she just happens to have in her back pocket. They were given to her by her lover, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, friend of Winston Churchill, his arch enemy, though he is still a backbencher.
Dora and Edward hide in Yellowstone near Old Faithful, but that only encourages Hitler to threaten them big time. That iconic American symbol would destroy America by blowing up if they don’t hand over the maps in Old Faithful Plot, an alternative history thriller coming soon from Cheops Books LLC.