How does Dora do it? She is always off on a journey or she is always flying from an enemy at a moment’s notice. But she has to always look like an heiress who has plenty of money for Edward’s sake. She is his power point with all her millions of dollars. She always carries plenty of cash with her.
Dora Benley might always be packing her suitcase, but when she is surprised and does not have a chance, how does she make sure her coiffure looks news? How does she look “put together”? In the upcoming alternative history thriller that takes place in June of 1935, Old Faithful Plot, she is meeting Edward at the pier in Manhattan for one of his flying visits to tryst with her. But they are both surprised by Hitler’s spies. They must flee towards Yellowstone. Dora cannot even pack her bag. She must take what she has in her hands at that very moment.
What does Dora always have in her hands? What does she never let go of? In this she packs her most necessary possessions. It is her elephant tapestry bag. This is a stylish handbag that is quite unique and reminds one of the era of the elegant thirties. This leather bag has enough compartments to fit everything from cold cash to her checkbook to her letters of credit to her passport to various maps including a Lawrence map or two if necessary. That is in addition to her makeup and various toiletry items for overnight stays. She might not be able to change her clothes, but she wants to make sure her hairdo is topnotch even in the wilds of Yellowstone National Park. What does she never forget? Her elephant tapestry bag. It is as necessary as Edward’s gun. In fact, it is where Dora always carries her own.