The Old Faithful Plot ends at the Old Faithful Geyser and Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park. The geyser and its regular eruptions are part of the climactic scene of the alternative history thriller novel. It’s enough to give you thrills and chills but wouldn’t that be even more true if the geyser could erupt in your face as it were or at least on your own desktop?
Thanks to the National Park website such a thing is now possible. You can tune in each and every day no matter what the time of year to watch Old Faithful erupt in all its glory. The National Park Service operates a webcam. Here is the link. From now on Cheops Books LLC is going to display the link on the Old Faithful Plot page of the website: It will keep you in the right mood for reading the book. You know you can turn to it when you are in the mood. Our author Dora Benley tells us that she was constantly watching the geyser erupt as she was writing the novel. We can tell. You will be able to also.

Click here to see the Old Faithful webcam.