Malcolm Blair Robinson has written a wonderful blog today summing up the Trump experience this past weekend with the inauguration and the new move to meet with the new PM, May, this coming week. We have the next move toward an American/British alliance, this time an economic one, that features and emphasized the “special relationship”. Just this past Friday, after all, Churchill’s bust was restored to the Oval Office after being banished for the past eight years.
This is noteworthy for Cheops Books, LLC as it continues to publish the Edward Ware Thrillers At War series. The relationship between Edward and Dora Ware, the chief couple of the thriller series, is a British/American relationship. Dora’s father is a Robber Baron who funds Edward’s spying activities and all sorts of diplomatic dinner, banquets, and balls. And the chief political relationship of the series is between Edward, the spy, and Churchill, the spymaster. And Churchill was half American. Churchill’s idea of drawing America into the Second World War was what saved Britain. And right now a deal with Trump may well save May and Brexit.