Will Cheops Books LLC find itself in Yellowstone this summer standing in front of Old Faithful Geyser? Certainly that is what happens to Dora and Edward in the upcoming historical thriller Old Faithful Plot set in the ominous year 1933 when Hitler first came to power. They are looking for a place to get rid of the Lawrence maps and hand them over to Churchill’s agent sent from Great Britain.
What a choice of locale! Hitler thinks so, too. The Dictator thinks he has discovered time tunnel under the geyser basin that will lead him back to ancient Rome. He wants to eliminate a certain philosopher/historian by the name of Pliny the Elder who first defamed his German ancestors. He thinks that will change history and Germany will win the First World War, putting the Dictator in an even stronger position in Europe of the 30’s.
In addition he wants to threaten the USA. If Dora and Edward do not hand over the maps, key to world domination, he will blow up the geyser basin and Old Faithful Geyser and set off a chain volcanic reaction in the only supervolcano in North America. It will blow the whole country sky high!
Cheops Books LLC opened its 2017 On The Road Again Contest on February 1. It runs through May 1. Guess where the publisher of young adult and adult thrillers will find itself this summer and win a $25.00 gift certificate from amazon.com so you can stock up your own summer reading for your beach or mountain trip. Get you gift on May 2. Enter now by sending your answer to us using the contact form on the website: http://www.edwardwarethrilers.org. By the way if you can’t wait and you want to see Old Faithful Geyser right now go to nps.gov and look at the webcam of the geyser right there 24/7.

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