Dora and Edward Take Epic Journey Around The World:
In the early 1920’s shortly after Edward surfaced from hiding from German operatives for two years Dora Benley, now Mrs. Byrne, and Edward Ware are forced to make an unexpected trip around the world — all in the line of duty, of course.
Edward is trysting with Dora at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City where they have decided to meet whenever Edward can get leave from his duties at Mid-East Headquarters in Cairo. They run into a team of German operatives sent by the newly rising star of the German National Socialist Party, Adolf Hitler. Hitler has heard that they carry valuable information and that the former Kaiser was tracking them. Now he is interested, too, in the Lawrence maps, key to world domination.
To escape Dora and Edward take off across the Atlantic on an ocean liner. But when arriving in Britain they can hide only so long at the estate of Winston Churchill, Edward’s confederate in the map plot. They head across the Chanel into France and then west through Germany itself chased by Hitler’s agents. They don’t stop as they head through Easter Europe and Iran and Afghanistan, avoiding Russia which at that point was embroiled in revolution and civil war. They even flee across the Pacific in this epic journey to save the military maps that Edward is sworn to protect.

Cheops Books will publish their trip notes about this journey around the world along with photographs including the journal that Dora kept along the way. This Edward Ware Thrillers at War novel as yet has no title. In fact we will hold a contest where you can suggest one. But we just wanted to give you, the reader, notice that you soon will be able to find it on Amazon Kindle.