Kindle Countdown Sale Starting Monday: Storm
Starting on Monday you can buy Storm for only $.99 on a special Kindle Countdown Deal. This is the next young adult thriller novel about the greater Yellowstone ecosystem that Cheops Books LLC is promoting leading up to the publication of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War novel later this year, Old Faithful Plot. But hurry! This promotion will not be repeated this year.
Roxie has a dream of a pen pal. She’s been writing to Hayden since ninth grade. He has sent her tons of photos of himself and the ski shop where he works in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She often thinks about him at night while she is asleep and has had funny dreams about turning into an icicle. For where she lives in Arizona she has never so much as seen a snowflake.
But when she finally arrives in town, the snowstorm comes down fast and fiercely. Her family car almost gets buried in the snow. She remembers her dream about getting turned into an icicle. Is it coming true? And why does she hear a voice that sounds like Hayden? Where it is coming from? Is it her imagination? Or is it something far more sinister.
Storm is brought to you by Edward Ware Thrillers YA, an imprint of Cheops Books, LLC. If you liked Storm, you will like other young adult thrillers by Linda Cargill including Mirror, Doubles, Bather, Reborn, and Missing.