For The Royal Table
How did the author get all the details of the banquet correct in Captive at the Berghof: Part 1? When you read the scene you find out that Dora and Edward served a multi course banquet to the new Ambassador from Germany to Great Britain during the Third Reich, von Ribbentrop. They used six cups and a complicated array of silverware just as it would have been done by the upper crust in England during the 1930’s, the last age of elegance.
The book For the Royal Table: Dining at the Palace by Kathryn Jones was used as a guidebook. It provides all the details about dining at Buckingham Palace in London. One of the menus suggested by this book was used for the infamous banquet at Ware Hall where von Ribbentropp has been instructed by Hitler to force Edward and Dora to give him a Lawrence map in exchanged for their kidnapped little daughter, Thomasina.
Look it up. You will find out what George III liked to eat for dinner. It may have been served at Ware Hall to von Ribbentrop. Read Captive at the Berghof: Part 1, an Edward Ware Thriller at War novel.