Skiff At Sea: Chapter 2 of Wall Street Swastika:
Dora, Edward, and Winston Churchill are trapped in New York City the day that Wall Street fell and crashed through the floor in 1929. Winston, for one, lost all the investments he had in America.The stock for Adolphus Motors, Edward’s inherited auto company that his mother was attempting to run for him while he was away in the army, lost eighty per cent of its value. Only Dora was left to tell the others that she would make up for their losses if they would help because her father had never sold stock in his company and now probably never would. She would do anything to keep everybody on track defending the Lawrence maps despite the Wall Street crash.
Several days later after a short trip to Cape Cod to try to relax paid for by Dora, they all board an ocean liner for England. Dora is accompanying Edward this time. She does not want to go back to Pittsburgh. Michael has lost money on the stock market too. He called her yesterday. She does not want to hear from him. And she has to help Lady Ware in England salvage what is left of her family fortune.
But once on board Dora sees something strange out her porthole. Right before they leave for dinner in the dining room the first night at sea she sees an unmanned boat battened about by the waves, a skiff at sea. No one seems to be piloting it. She points it out to Edward who notifies Churchill who frowns and talks very low to himself, mentioning something about the Germans. Edward notifies the captain on the room phone.
At dinner the ship slows way down. It now seems becalmed in the water. Out the dining room window they can see a rowboat from the cruise ship approaching the skiff. All eyes are on it. People are leaning towards the windows to see what happens next.
“It must have come loose from its moorings and drifted out to sea,” the Captain announced as he entered the dining room. “There are all sorts of ports up and down the coast of New England as we approach the Atlantic Provinces of Canada in preparation for docking tomorrow morning in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The skiff at sea could have come from anyone one of them.”
After greeting his guests the Captain did not seat himself at his usual table. He pulled up a chair to seat himself with Churchill, Dora, and Edward. He waited until all eyes were occupied with the entertainment. They were having a parade of chefs along with music.
The Captain thrust a note at them. Churchill opened it. It was addressed to Winston Churchill, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, and Mrs. Byrne.
“Strange way to get your mail,” the Captain eyed them suspiciously. “It was attached to an oar inside the skiff. My men found it just moments ago.”
When they were alone Churchill opened it:
Thanks for the help in arranging the Wall Street crash over in America. It is the biggest help you have given me in years to advance my cause. Suddenly since yesterday I have had more requests to give speeches than I can possible fulfill. But do stay out of Germany. If I find you trespassing, you can be put to sea in your own skiff. No one will ever find you.
Adolf Hitler