Dark 3: Special Edition: To Be Published This Fall:
Cheops Books LLC will publish Dark 3: Special Edition by Dora Benley this coming autumn. It is the conclusion of the Dark young adult thriller Series, first published by Scholastic UK. The Sunday Independent in Dublin, Ireland said: “ .
Dark 3: Special Edition is also the conclusion of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series with the biggest surprise ending in all the books. It provides the final answer about what happens to Leopold and what happens to Thomasina after World War 2 at the end of which Stalin ran away with Hitler’s daughter. Dark 3: Special Edition will soon be up for preorder on Amazon Kindle.
Bianca mourns for her junior medical adviser who helped her overcome her fear of the dark after being the only witness to a brutal murder on St. Simons Island. He was driven out of town two years ago when the locals concluded that he must be the killer. She last saw him parachuting from a plane escaping from the law, a fall he couldn’t have survived. She’s moved to California with her employers, the Shipleys, and taken on a permanent babysitting position with Little Katie. Suddenly there’s a kidnapping attempt on the rich little heiress that Bianca is employed to protect. To the rescue comes a tall, dark young man who reminds her of somebody she’s lost. But it just couldn’t be . . . After all, he’s dead. And after all . . . he’s supposed to be the bad guy.