Salisbury Plot will soon be available as an audio book on Audible Cheops Books, LLC has hired a recording artist to tell Dora’s story first as Mrs. Byrne on the sinking Morro Castle and then as Lady Ware married to a mysterious British Lord, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, who finds himself deep in intrigue on the German front. Hitler’s name keeps surfacing and then disappears into the shadows on their country estate in England in the 1930s. Dora does not feel safe and she must find her own way out of the shadows.
Salisbury Plot is book 2 of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series. Already published are Key to Lawrence Special Edition, book 1, Captive at the Berghof 1 and 2, which are book 3 of the series, and the Dark Horse, which is book 4. Captive at the Berghof 1 and 2 are already available on Audible. So is Dark Horse available. Key to Lawrence: Special Edition will soon be on Audible itself.