Rommel: The General’s Namesake:
Here we have Rommel the black Labrador Retriever, pure bred and descended of a noble stock. He is pictured crooning to his favorite songs in the backseat of our minivan here at Cheops Books LLC. He was named after the famous World War 2 German general of the same name. Erwin Rommel figures in several of our historical thriller novels such as Captive at the Berghof parts 1 and 2 and in Hitler’s Agent and Helga’s Reich. He is the great antagonist of General Lord Edward Ware in North Africa in 1942, particularly at the Battle of El Alamein. General Rommel wants the Lawrence maps, key to world domination, to learn how to avoid the soft sands in the Sahara Desert in order to take Cairo and Alexandria and push the British out of Mid-East Headquarters and out of Africa itself. We here at Cheops Books LLC thought Rommel was a fitting name for a pugnacious dog who loves to dart about. When running he moves with the speed of a charging tank. Very appropriate indeed.