Lost On the Lost Coast: Bianca, Doc, and Little Katie

Bianca Winters and Doc are lost on the Lost Coast during much of Dark 3: Special Edition. It is a chase up the West Coast through Northern California as the bad guys try to kidnap Little Katie again. Doc and Bianca have to fend them off at every opportunity. They flee through coastal redwood forests only to emerge on beaches with driftwood and seagulls. There is a big confrontation scene in a sea lions cave featured in a new book trailer for the novel Dark 3: Special Edition. You can find it on the Edward Ware Thrillers website, the Cheops Books website, at http://www.edwardwarethrillers.org. Will they escape the Lost Coast and reach Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada? Will they make their flight taking them out of the country all together? Or will the bad guys be able to carry out their kidnapping heist and spirit away the little heiress who is Bianca’s charge to defend? Find out. Escape the Lost Coast yourself. See the book trailer below and follow the link to the Amazon Kindle page where you can pre-order your copy of Dark 3: Special Edition. Read it and find out for yourself the fates of all the characters.