The Days of the British Empire:

I really know absolutely nothing about Malaya, Kenya, and Cyprus and their place in the British Empire. I once read a mystery novel entitled Death in Kenya by M.M. Kaye who used to be one of my favorite novelists. She used to write a lot about the British Empire. Her husband was in the army and stationed all over the place. She went along and wrote novels about where they were stationed. Kenya was one of the places. But that is the only book I ever read set in Kenya.

What I didn’t like was the British evacuation of Egypt in I think 1956. Geizira Island was a nice place BEFORE that. I got the impression that in the days of Edward and Dora Egypt was in general a much safer place to visit than it is now. Cunard won’t go ashore in Egypt anymore. No more shore excursions. They just sail past through the Suez Canal. Their cameras are always off at the time, and you can never see the transit online. I think they are trying to avoid terrorists.

Salisbury Plot, volume 2 of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series, is an historical thriller about the days of the British Empire. Much of the novel is set in Egypt at the British enclave of Gezira Island. Colonel Sir Edward Ware is stationed at British Mid-East Headquarters in Cairo all the way from his days with Lawrence of Arabia in World War 1 through the desert campaigns in North Africa under the Awk and Montgomery battling Rommel during World War 2. Colonel Sir Edward Ware becomes General Lord Edward Ware by the end of the war.