Dark Series Kick Off September 15:

Starting this Friday, September 15 we have the fall kick off for the Dark Series at Cheops Books, LLC at http://www.edwardwarethrillers.org. Dark 3: Special Edition will be published. Right after it is published we will hold a special promotion or kick off on amazon.com. For five days you will be able to download the new young adult thriller title for free. As a special extra, this edition will be illustrated with Andrew the artist’s ideas of the major characters.

On November 1 Dark 1 will be published followed by Dark 2 on November 8 and finally by Dark: A Trilogy on November 15.

Bianca mourns for her old friend Doc who helped her overcome her fear of the dark after being the only witness to a brutal murder on St. Simons Island. He was driven out of town two years ago when the locals concluded that he must be the killer. She last saw him parachuting from a plane escaping from the law, a fall he couldn’t have survived. She’s moved to California with her employers, the Shipleys, and taken on a permanent babysitting position with Little Katie. Suddenly there’s a kidnapping attempt on the rich little heiress that Bianca is employed to protect. To the rescue comes a tall, dark young man who reminds her of somebody she’s lost. But it just couldn’t be . . . After all, he’s dead. And after all . . . he’s supposed to be the bad guy.