Horror Week On Goodreads:

Go to the Ask The Author section of Linda Cargill’s Dashboard on Goodreads. Click “View Answered Questions”. It is Horror Week right before Halloween on Goodreads. Goodreads has asked her to tell a 2 sentence horror story. Read it and see if you can stand all the thrills and chills. Let us know what you think.

This month you should take a look at Dora Benley’s newly published Egyptian horror tales. Bet you can’t read just one of them during Horror Week. Try Doom of Egypt, Curse of the Pharaoh, Demon from Egypt, Book of the Dead, Curse of Egypt, or Cleopatra’s Stone.

In the very popular Curse of Egypt Sondra returns from a day out with her Dad in Charlottesville, Virginia where she lives with her mother and grandmother. Her dad asks her as always if she wants to come and live with him in Tucson. She says as usual that her mother and grandmother depend on her. They discuss why her parents got divorced. Her father confesses as usual that he doesn’t know. Her mother just left one day without explanation and took Sondra with her.

Sondra rushes into the house to plant a bare root rose. Her mother and grandmother depend on her to do the yard work, too. But while she is digging in the backyard she comes upon a strange golden object. Her next door neighbor, Stew Hoolihan, says it looks like a museum piece and they ought to call the police.

Immediately when she goes inside her mother says that she has called her father and agreed that Sondra should indeed live with him in Tucson. Sondra cannot figure out why. Does it have to do with the golden object found in the backyard? What do her mother and grandmother know about it? What are they concealing from her? Sondra had better find out. It soon becomes a matter of life and death. Ancient civilizations from long before she was born are helping to determine her fate.