Point Horror and Pool Party:

Another Scholastic Point Horror tale by Linda Cargill is Pool Party, published originally as part of the line. It is just perfect for Halloween.

Sharon’s party should have been perfect. The event of the year. After all, it was being held in the indoor/outdoor pool at her mother’s exclusive new hotel. It was definitely a party any senior would love to be invited to.

But somebody had invitations delivered before they were supposed to be mailed. And they went to all the people Sharon hardly knew. Even though things seemed kind of weird, Sharon decided to go with the flow. How bad could things be?

Sharon should never have believed that everything would be okay. She should have known that something was very, very wrong. Because now some of her guests might end up doing the dead man’s float — for real in this young adult murder thriller originally published by Scholastic USA in the Point Horror line. It was also published in a French edition, Lauberge Maudite. Now it is brought to you by Edward Thrillers YA, an imprint of Cheops Books, LLC.