Will Dora Benley Attend The RWA Conference In Denver?

Dora Benley plans to sign up for the RWA conference in Denver next month in February. But will she be able to attend? She would be coming either from Yellowstone or from Rome. But either way, it begins to appear dubious whether it will be possible in light of the Disney invasion of hotel rooms of its guests.

The RWA Conference will be held at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel. This is another mega high rise building, perfect for snipers a la Las Vegas. So if the Disney notion of handling things spreads and becomes popular, one will assume that the management of the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel will start to invade the rooms of its guests even during a conference.

Dora had planned to bring her RITA contest entry young adult thriller novel, Silver Wolf Moon. Silver Wolf Moon and Dora may have to go somewhere else instead. Should Dora stay longer in Yellowstone or Rome?

Darcy Devon can’t take it anymore. Her millionaire parents won’t stop bugging her to date Randolph King, the son of an English client of theirs. She runs away to live in her grandparents’ house in the wilds of Montana. But no sooner does she unpack her suitcase than she notices that somebody who looks like an uncouth madman is following her. Nobody knows who he is. When she goes swimming, somebody is watching her. When she goes to bed, somebody is outside looking in. Wolves howl at midnight. She looks up at the sky and sees a black moon and shivers. What does this strange dude want with her? Is he escaped from an asylum, or is it something else?

The young adult romantic thriller Silver Wolf Moon was originally published in German by Cora Verlag, Harper Collins Germany, as Silver Wolf. If you liked Silver Wolf Moon you will enjoy other young adult thrillers by Dora Benley such as Rose Red, Murder in Jasper, Mary’s Gone, Latin Lessons, and Dark 3: Special Edition.