Come To The Facebook Party For Salisbury Affair:

On Friday, May 4 at 2PM Pacific Time Cheops Books LLC will hold a Facebook Party for Salisbury Plot, book two of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series. We are turning the Facebook Party into a debate between two reporters. What was the more notorious situation?

Hitler was sending his chief spy, Helga von Wessel, to Salisbury to try to interfere with Edward’s and Dora’s wedding. After the wedding, Helga even tries to kill off Dora. Hitler wants the Lawrence maps, key to world domination.

This is fictional. But what happened last month in Salisbury, England was not. The Russians used chemical weapons to attempt to assassinate a former double agent and his daughter. This marked the first use of chemical weapons in one hundred years since World War 1.

Come and listen to the debate.