Three Years Ago Today: Lincoln Highway

Three years ago today Cheops Books LLC was embarked on a grand adventure: a trip to the Old World. It was a 110 day trip with postings every day. We began the day in New Stanton. We drove the Pennsylvania Turnpike to Breezewood. We encountered an exhibition on the history of the Turnpike at the rest stop at Midway.

This was all very relevant to the Edward Ware Thrillers Series. Dora, a native of Pittsburgh, drove this way many times in the days when she was following the Lincoln Highway through the mountains of Pennsylvania. The Lincoln Highway is featured in the upcoming alternative history thriller, Old Faithful Plot.

The Lincoln Highway was centered in Pennsylvania. But it followed a route all the way to California. Dora and Edward followed it to the junction where they exited to Yellowstone National Park. You can read what happens next in Old Faithful Plot on June 16.