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Marissa on Goodreads: It is a series of road trips that gives us a sense of history of each little town that is visited. Small town America is seen through the eyes of a British couple as the world around them is changing due to war. This is a journey that most do not take these days as we yearn for foreign adventures.

Anita on Goodreads: Sometimes I can pick up a book in the middle of a series and not feel I have missed anything.

This book was not like that for me.

I knew when I started to read this book that I would like the series and did not want to miss any of the previous books.

I have set this book aside to track down the first book and begin at the beginning.

While they are hiding out from Dora’s husband at the Old Faithful Lodge in 1933, Dora and Edward are also hiding Lawrence maps that Churchill has given them and which Hitler would do anything to get his hands on.

Enter Helga and Herr von Wessel, Hitler’s top spies. They warn Colonel Sir Edward Ware and Dora that either they hand over the top secret maps, key to world domination, or they will blow up Yellowstone National Park. They will turn the famous geyser basin into volcanic rubble – and the rest of America, too, which would be buried in volcanic ash just like Pompeii.

And if that doesn’t work they have an even darker plot up their sleeves, one that would change history itself.