Richard I is #2 European Historical Fiction:

King Richard I: A Novel by Dora Benley ranks #2 in European Historical Fiction on Amazon Kindle. Get it while it’s hot.

Elizabeth is a lady in waiting to Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine during the time of her confinement at Salisbury Castle. Queen Eleanor is a woman of remarkable powers, some say dark powers. Elizabeth learns to be a witch from her and takes up the lore of gathering herbs in the woods. The Queen then directs her to accompany her newly crowned son, King Richard I, to the Holy Land on the Third Crusade. She is to protect him against all evil, especially the scheming of Prince John, the new king’s brother, who wants to crown himself in his stead.

Elizabeth sails to the Holy Land to take up battle with the infidel. But she finds herself in an unexpected quandary. Instead of King John the enemy kidnaps her and threatens to put her into a Middle Eastern harem. They threaten to take her away from the man, King Richard I, whom she is sworn to protect and defend. But in the oddest fashion of all, she finds herself falling in love with her captor, a Saracen. What is Elizabeth to do? She cannot forget her oath to the Queen. But she also cannot betray her own heart.

Page Turner Excellent book by Renee Marie:

Excellent book Very entertaining. The characters are well developed. You come to care for the characters and root for them. The way this book was written was enjoyable. The reader was left guessing trying to figure out who the bad guys were, once you thought you knew who was bad the author threw in a plot twist and everything you thought you knew was wrong. King Richard I, Queen Eleanor, the Witch of the White Rose, King Philip of France, Richards brother the future King John. Wonderful fictional book. Highly recommended! I will definitely look for other books written by this author! Absolutely a pleasure to read!

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