Three New Books Set In Alaska:

Dora Benley has three new thrillers set in Alaska. There are two new young adult thrillers and the sparkling conclusion to Unlocking Trinity called Ice Palace.

In the Northern Lights Mystery teenager Desiree Longfellow pushes her eggs around on her plate one morning as she waits for the police to show up. She’s being framed for murder and must escape out the back door when she sees the officers coming to arrest her.

In Murder in Homer Dora De Paul is on an Alaska cruise with her parents. She snaps a photo of the pretty blue bay with the snowcapped peaks in the background when suddenly a volcano starts to erupt. A black cloud spreads across the bay, and the passengers must flee ashore. Someone who has it in for her sabotages the cruise ship. Stranded on the shore of Homer, Alaska, what does Dora do?

In Unlocking Trinity the Ware’s little girl has been kidnapped by Hitler and forced to live with him at the Berghof. But when Hitler commits suicide in his Berlin Bunker on April 30, 1945, what happens to the child who has been indoctrinated as a Nazi, who has forgotten that English is her native language?

Her biological father, General Lord Edward Ware, must defy Eisenhower’s order to leave Berlin to the Russians. He must get to her before Stalin’s henchwoman does. It becomes a race to Trinity in the wilds of New Mexico in the birth trauma of the Cold War.