Goodreads Giveaway Starts One Week From Today:

One week from today on Tuesday, January 9, Goodreads and Amazon roll out their new system for Goodreads Giveaway Promotions. Cheops Books LLC will be enrolling the Dora Benley historical thriller entitled Book of the Dead in the new Goodreads Giveaway Program. 100 copies of the Kindle edition of Book of the Dead will be given away. Don’t miss it. Tune in for more details later.

As soon as the King family settles in their new house in Cairo things begin to change rapidly. On Leona’s birthday her stepdaughter gives her an ancient scroll full of hieroglyphics. Her husband tells Leona it is a Book of the Dead, an ancient Egyptian text full of spells and magic chants to help the newly dead person gain admission into the afterlife, the Land of the Setting Sun. The scroll is to help him avoid getting eaten by the Devourer after his heart is weighed on the scales of truth against a feather and found wanting. Leona has no idea where Margaret got such a scroll. She remembers seeing her in the souk, taking something from a woman covered with dark veils from head to foot with only a claw-like hand protruding.

From that moment on Leona’s once perfect world closes in on her. She finds herself kidnapped, locked in a tomb, nearly driven mad, and tormented by an Egyptian spirit who has somehow been loosed on her. She must fight for her very life in this supernatural novel about Egyptian archaeology in the 1920’s.

If you enjoyed Book of the Dead by Dora Benley you will enjoy her other historical thrillers about the ancient world and Egypt such as Doom of Egypt, Curse of the Pharaoh, Murder at the Sphinx, Curse of Egypt, and Cleopatra’s Stone.

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Medea The Witch On Promotion On Amazon:

The five day promotion for Medea The Witch begins today, January 1, New Year’s Day, and continues through Friday, January 5. But hurry! You will not want to miss this chance to download the historical thriller about ancient Greece by Dora Benley. This offer won’t be repeated this year.

Medea the Witch is the story of Jason and Medea told from the point of view of Medea. This is not the more familiar tale of Jason’s voyage to Colchis in which the latter encounters Harpies and monsters at every turn (i.e., the material of the 1950’s movie Jason and the Argonauts), but rather it is the tale of the clash of two very different cultures. Medea comes from the fading world of Goddess worshipers with a long matriarchal tradition. She is suddenly thrust into Jason’s Greek world of the followers of the Sky God Zeus where women are best left behind veils. No one understands her “magic” and she is called a “witch.” She is left to defend herself as best she can. The death of her tradition combines with the havoc wreaked by the Thera volcanic eruption at the end of the Bronze Age to presage the end of her world.

If you liked Medea the Witch, you will like other tales by Dora Benley including Minotaur, Helen of Troy, Book of the Dead, Jason and Medea, and Caesar and Cleopatra: A Novel.

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8746 E Wallen Ridge Drive Opens As Bookstore:

If you google Cheops Books the first thing you come up with is the location of a bookstore at 8746 E Wallen Ridge Drive in Tucson, Arizona. We have plans to open the store next spring by special appointment only. If you would like a copy of one of the novels by Linda Cargill, the Cargills, or Dora Benley use the contact form on the website to let us know which title you are interested in. We will come up with a date. You can stop by to pick it up. It will be convenient for tourists in town or snow birds.

We have some interesting titles with flashy covers coming out next year in 2018. There will be Paris Peace Plot, Armistice Plot, Hitler’s Chief Spy, Salisbury Plot, and Old Faithful Plot to name a few. All will have new covers drawn by the new Cheops Books LLC cover artist, Daniel Teran. You will soon see a display on the bookstore windows.

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TNT Fireworks Next Door To Cheops Books LLC:

Not only does Cheops Books LLC feel threatened when on the road again by none other than Disney, more close to home right at New Year’s it feels threatened by fireworks. We were just at the grocery store just down the hill called Safeway. Next to the checkout counter there are piles and piles of explosives. They are labeled TNT explosives and fireworks. There are signs that say NO SMOKING, and we have seen people vaping in the store. The management is ambiguous about that. The man in line in front of us at the checkout yesterday was buying fireworks. We were going to ask him if he was really going to use them considering how dangerous they were.

On New Year’s Eve the fireworks frequently land in our backyard. You can see them coming. You feel as if you are under attack by some unknown, dangerous enemy. And this in the very building that Cheops Books LLC calls home.

We hope the fireworks don’t ignite an explosion one of these days. We hope it does not burn our books. This past autumn we published the Dark Series: Dark 1, Dark 2, and Dark 3: Special Edition as well as Dark: A Trilogy. We are planning next year to publish Paris Peace Plot, Armistice Plot, Hitler’s Chief Spy, and Old Faithful Plot among other titles. We can only cross our fingers on New Year’s Eve and hope that they do not go up in smoke first.

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On The Road Again Threatened By Disney:

Cheops Books LLC likes to be on the road again researching various topics for novels. So it was shocked to hear of the new policy at Walt Disney World in Florida to invade the hotel rooms of their guests once each day. Apparently staff members dressed up as Mickey Mouse are supposed to enter rooms to inspect for guns following the shooting incident in Las Vegas. Disney World has removed Do Not Disturb Signs in favor of Room Occupied signs, but now Room Occupied means come in instead of stay out. It is hard to believe that a company as large and respected as Disney would engage in behavior that shows no respect for the privacy of their guests.

What is especially dangerous about such thinking is if it spreads to other hotel chains such as Best Western, Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, Days Inn, Econo Lodge, La Quinta, Hilton, Marriott, and the like. These are the kinds of hotels and motels that populate the roads of America, the interstates, which ordinary folk use for daily travel from place to place. What if the guests have a dog or a cat left in the room? Do Not Disturb signs are the only protection they have for hotels to respect the privacy of their pets. What if the guest is in the bathroom or taking a shower or is sleeping? They are to have a staff member invading? It hardly makes sense.

And what is the staff member going to do when they invade? Search suitcases and handbags like TSA before you board an airplane? This is hardly the border of the US or customs. It is America itself.

The Constitution has a guarantee to the right to travel. One could argue that such misplaced policies interfere with this right by violating basic human privacy and dignity. Cheops Books LLC protests and insists that it will think twice before staying at any particular hotel in the future.

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Watch Webcam While Waiting for Book Cover:

We here at Cheops Books LLC have recently mentioned that the cover of Old Faithful Plot by Dora Benley, yet to be released, is “under construction”. It is being redesigned. While you wait to see what it will be like, you can feast your eyes on the Old Faithful webcam instead. It is provided gratis of the National Park Service. In the meantime you can check in to see what the geyser itself it up to right now covered in snow surrounded by an extremely white landscape.

While they are hiding out from Dora’s husband at the Old Faithful Lodge in 1933, Dora and Edward are also hiding Lawrence maps that Churchill has given them and which Hitler would do anything to get his hands on. Enter Helga and Herr von Wessel, Hitler’s top spies. They warn Colonel Sir Edward Ware and Dora that either they hand over the top secret maps, key to world domination, or they will blow up Yellowstone National Park. They will turn the famous geyser basin into volcanic rubble – and the rest of America, too, which would be buried in volcanic ash just like Pompeii. And if that doesn’t work they have an even darker plot up their sleeves, one that would change history itself.


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Julia: A Romance: Opening Lines

The historical thriller Julia: A Romance by Dora Benley will soon be published by Cheops Books LLC. One of the most humorous characters, the most delightful, is Julia’s father, Senator Gaius Julius Rufus, Julia’s father who is always out to save himself given the difficult political situation in Rome. Julia merely becomes a tool to get what he wants in the end.
The novel begins with these lines:


Senator Gaius Julius Rufus was born fifty years too late or one hundred years too soon. If he were born fifty years sooner, he could have taken his ease on one of his estates sprinkled, as flecks of pepper on a map, over the Apennines and the Campanian sea-coast without concerning himself in Roman politics. If he were born one hundred years later he would be a child at the dawn of the Augustan Age, the beginning of the pax Romana, and would have contented himself with the life of a country gentleman.

He was unlucky to be born during the first period of the Civil Wars that tore apart into two factions, populares and optimates, not only Rome but Italy. He was sixty years old in May of 81 B.C., having spent most of his adulthood in Rome away from his grape and olive vineyards attempting to remain neutral and friendly with both factions while not doing much for either.

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Cleopatra’s Stone: Big New Years Promotion:

Cleopatra’s Stone will be the big New Years promotion for Cheops Books LLC.
Lucius Antonius has sailed to Alexandria, Egypt along with Julius Caesar’s triumphant legions in pursuit of Pompey the Great. Caesar may be able to clap Ptolemy, the boy king, in irons. But his sister, Cleopatra, is another story. Just returned from hiding out in the Arabian Desert, she has chiseled a black stone of unknown age from a sacred monument because the bauble appeals to her. Assassins are on the loose to get revenge for the desecration. What will Cleopatra do to protect herself? The Serpent of the Nile is full of wiles — deadly ones for Caesar in this historical thriller novel, Cleopatra’s Stone, by Dora Benley.

Cleopatra’s Stone is brought to you by Edward Ware Thrillers At War, an imprint of Cheops Books, LLC. The novels tell the story of Edward Ware’s family from ancient times in ancient Rome to the present day, always involved in war and conflict and with the British Isles and eventually America as a home base. If you liked this novel try other Edward Ware Thrillers At War novels in the same series by Dora Benley such as Dark 3: Special Edition. You might also like other ancient Roman novels such as Caesar and Cleopatra: A Novel, Julius Caesar: A Novel, Livia: A Novel, and to be published Roman novels such as Julia: A Romance, Pliny: A Novel, and Caesar’s Lost Legions.

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Saturnalia: Roman Christmas

The ancient Saturnalia was celebrated on December 17 through December 23 to honor the God Saturn. It became the predecessor of our Christmas season with role reversals between master and slave, gift giving, gambling, feasting, It celebrated the winter solstice season or the coming New Year’s.

This festival plays a big role in the Cheops Books LLC novel: Cleopatra’s Stone. But it also would be a festival celebrated by Julia and Sisenna, the main characters of the upcoming historical thriller Julia: A Romance set in Republican Rome of the first century B.C. The Saturnalia would occur during their first winter as a married couple.

Cheops Book LLC publishes a series of ancient novels, including a subset of Roman novels. That includes: Caesar and Cleopatra: A Novel, Julius Caesar: A Novel, and Cleopatra’s Stone found on Amazon. It also includes to be published historical thrillers such as Julia: A Romance, Pliny: A Novel, and Caesar’s Lost Legions.

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Revamp Old Faithful Plot Book Cover:

For the Old Faithful Plot book cover show a blue Cadillac V16 of a 1933 vintage meandering slowly through the morass of the Yellowstone hot pots and geysers. Dora and Edward are driving in the car, Edward at the steering wheel. They are both looking in horror out Dora’s passenger side window down at a bubbling mudpot by the side of the road. The image of Dora will resemble the face of the lady in the cover for Salisbury Plot. Edward’s face will be like that of Lawrence’s companion in the cover for Armistice Plot. Both will be dressed in 1930’s clothing as they gape in disbelief at what awaits them in the plot of this novel.

Old Faithful Plot, an historical thriller by Dora Benley, will soon be published by Cheops Books, LLC.

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