Reader Comments for Key to Lawrence: Special Edition

1) This is the story of Dora Benley, a rich young American who sailed to the UK on The Lusitania. She has a package which someone is prepared to kill her for and even blow up the ship to get his hands on.
Although a little far fetched in places I thoroughly enjoyed the tale.
A relatively easy read with lots of twists and turns.

Catherine Barnes

2) This is a mystery-spy-thriller book that takes place during ‘World War One’ and also reads a bit like a romance novel and has some interesting history built into it. There is lots of detail about how the rich and famous dressed, lived,and acted in this era. I enjoyed the book because it seemed well researched and blended well with the facts as I know them coming form that era.

Eric K

3) Ann Wells, librarian, rated the book 4 stars on Net Galley. She said her library was likely to purchase a copy.
4) Kevin Griffiths, Educator: says on Net Galley:
“Very hard to put down.”
Recommends that students purchase book.

5)Gordon Williams:
Hectic action packed drama of the ripping yarn of the period. In today’s world
this makes Key to Lawrence refreshingly different but worth trying if you like to be adventurous rather than safe.

6)Beth Tidman:
Enjoyable entertaining read that kept me guessing. Goodreads.