Hitler’s Chief Spy Is Hitler’s Agent:

The villainess, Helga von Wessel, Hitler’s chief spy, struts boldly from page to page of this thriller with Europe at her back and all sorts of ambitious notions in her head during the lead up to WW2. As far as she is concerned it isn’t Hitler’s Reich. It is Helga’s Reich. She will wrap the hero, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, Churchill’s spy, around her little finger to prove it. Nor does it matter what Edward’s American wife, Dora, says. Hitler’s Agent, about Hitler’s chief spy, is the sixth volume of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series. It will be published by Cheops Books LLC on October 15 in a special Kindle Edition of the historical thriller.

Chapter 1 in July of 1935 opens with a passage where the Colonel cannot find his wife:

Edward looked from one end of Hamburg Harbor
to the other, searching for his wife.

“Have you seen Lady Ware?” he asked Brigadier “Wickie” Roberts.
His superior was about to board the Deutschland.
The ship featured the new Hitler turret, which they had
just gotten a chance to review in the parade of ships up
the Elbe River. He and Brigadier Roberts were part of
the British military mission sent to Germany by Prime
Minister Baldwin to celebrate the recent signing of the
Anglo-German Naval Treaty.

The brigadier shrugged. “Not recently.”

“When was the last time you saw Dora?” Edward

“Right before the parade of ships. She was in a
heated discussion with Frau von Wessel, you know, the
wife of the Commercial Attaché at the German Embassy
in London.”

The German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, had been
doing his best to distract Edward with probing questions.
Frau von Wessel, Hitler’s chief spy, was likely after his
wife about the same thing that Hitler was after him for
— the Lawrence maps.


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New Cover For Wall Street Swastika:

Dora and Edward are trysting at the Waldorf Astoria while Edward is on leave from British Mid East Headquarters in October of 1929. Suddenly on October 29 on Black Tuesday they notice a commotion on the streets. All the action is on Wall Street. They find their friend and compatriot Winston Churchill sadly watching as people leap out window and his own American investments plummet.

Even worse from their own point of view Winston shows them a note. German spies are demanding the Lawrence maps, key to world domination, which Edward is hiding up his sleeve. On their way back to Britain Hitler doesn’t waste any time. He sends all sorts of signs and warnings of impending disaster including a skiff at sea that crashes into their ocean liner.

The Prince of Wales is aboard. So are the von Wessels, Hitler’s spies. His Highness is sympathetic to the Nazis and Hitler wants to hit him to help finance his rise to power in the face of the great world wide depression brought on by the failure of capitalism. It is up to Edward, Dora, and Winston to stop him as the clock ticks on. If they don’t separate the Prince of Wales from Hitler before they reach Europe, nothing will stop his rise to ultimate power.

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Edward Ware Thrillers at War in History:

Edward Ware Thrillers at War discusses themes of British and German history. I don’t think England ever had anything like the Thirty Years War in Germany, the big bad religious war between Catholics and Protestants that according to Gary made WW1 and WW2 look like a picnic by comparison. The Thirty Years War left more people dead than the Black Death. It was the worst war in German history by far. Henry VIII was pretty bad but he wasn’t as bad as the Thirty Years War with all his monastery burning, etc. In fact England has been pretty dominant in Europe since the days of the Tudors, certainly since the days of the Glorious Revolution. And England was where the Industrial Revolution started in the 18th century. England obviously had more colonies than anybody else and a much bigger Empire, too. Even at the beginning of WW1 there were articles in American newspapers about the British Navy off the coast of North America PROTECTING US. People in the US felt safe with Great Britain there.

Then came WW1 and WW2, and we know the story. Since that takes us to the present era, we can’t say what will be the next chapter for England. But it has the strange and unusual advantage of having its language be the dominant one in the world. Also the US speaks English. Britain is allowed all sorts of special advantages in Europe because of its relationship with the US. The Germans will go only so far because of this. But in a sense I think it is the Germans, not the Russians, who are still the real opposition to the US and to England despite the fact that they have almost no armed forces.

Germany was the home of both Communism and Facism. I think East Germany was propping up the whole Soviet Union somehow. Hitler and Stalin were playing at dividing up Eastern Europe. More recently Merkel and Putin came up with some natural gas or oil or both agreement which is what Poland doesn’t like because it remembers the days of Stalin and Hitler. Putin speaks German. He feels comfortable in Germany and the Netherlands. So did Peter the Great of Russia who tried to model St. Petersburg on Amsterdam. Germany has been a big influence in Russia for a long time. Catherine the Great came from Germany and was originally Lutheran. There is something going on between Russia and Germany that has been percolating for centuries. Just remember the extreme leftist riots that greeted Trump a few weeks ago in Hamburg.

Also Germany since the mid 19th century has been expanding and trying to create an empire. My mother had a book from college called Germany Will Try It Again about a theme of modern German history. That is why I say they are the real enemy.

These are the themes that controlled the race to find the Lawrence maps, key to world domination, that are featured in the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series. Will it be the Germans under the Kaiser or Hitler? Or will it be the British and Americans under Churchill and Roosevelt? The battle continues to the present day.

Turn the page and find out what happens next.

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Merkel Fiddles While Hamburg Burns:

Here is one of my photos of the concert hall in Hafen City in Hamburg in the Harbor Area on the Elbe River surrounded by photos of rioters. This is where Trump and Melania Trump attended Merkel’s concert for the G-20 meeting on July 7. We sailed up and down the river four times in 2012 and 2015 and really liked the place. Hamburg looked very modern with all sorts of very neatly kept buildings and lots of greenery lining the streets. The Elbe River was well populated with swimming beaches and beach hotels and houses. There was also a Lion King hall where they kept on playing Disney’s Lion King in perpetuum. We passed the old Cora Verlag Building that used to house the editor I dealt with when publishing 48 books in the Mystery and Mystery Thriller Lines. We even found a fascinating bookstore that specialized in ships and the North Sea and bought a Hamburg calendar and lots of postcards. I wish I could have purchased one of his North Sea calendars, but alas they were too big to fit in my suitcase! We rented a car here twice and returned here twice to board the Queen Mary 2 in Hafen City. The place seemed prosperous and upbeat.

Now we hear how the ambience of the city of Hamburg has been shattered by violent riots in the streets. Policemen are battling with non capitalists. Ever since we left Europe two years ago there have been nothing but terrorist attacks and now this. Melania Trump was apparently trapped in her hotel room by the extreme violence. So was the Australian Prime Minister. You would think that the Germans of all people would be better at keeping order in the streets. It is really shocking and makes me fear that Europe isn’t safe anymore. Tanks in the streets of Hamburg? The army called in? Military helicopters hovering above the conference site? It’s really too much.

I think part of the problem must be Merkel’s immigration policy and all these Middle Easterners wandering around Europe committing terrorist acts. But these rioters run deeper. They remind me of the groups that Hitler was fighting 100 years ago in the streets of Munich, the German communists. I looked up photos of Hamburg on July 7, 2017, and they remind me of World War 1 and World War 2. Absolutely shocking! It rattles me to the core just to look at people tearing about the city we were driving through only two years ago, driving across the bridge out of town and returning to a hotel on the outskirts, Zur Linda, the water wheel restaurant on the edge of town, the Hors Muhle, and then returning to the harbor area. And all Merkel can do is play classical music? Somehow her reaction seems disconnected and ominous like the legendary image of the Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

Hamburg plays a role in the Edward Ware Thrillers at War. Hamburg is where Dora and Edward end up at the end of the novel Map Plot before returning to Britain together. It is the farthest expansion point of the Roman Empire into Germany. The Romans were trying to reach the Elbe River in the Cherusci Plot when the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest stopped them. Among them was one of Edward’s ancestors.






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Winston Churchill Makes Debut In Book Trailer for Hitler’s Agent:
Since so much of the subject matter of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War novels has to do with World War 1 and World War 2, we decided to give Winston Churchill a speaking part in the most recent book trailer. Cheops Books LLC has just posted the book trailer for Hitler’s Agent by Dora Benley, book five of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series, on the website at http://www.edwardwarethrillers.org. The battle between the great orator and MP, Winston Churchill, and Adolf Hitler, Fuhrer and Chancellor of the Third Reich, formed the chief political conflict of twentieth century history. So we let Churchill speak for himself and call Hitler what names he will such as a “monster of iniquity”. It all fits into the drama with Hitler and his chief spy, Helga von Wessel, committing all sorts of atrocities and making life very difficult for Colonel Sir Edward Ware and his wife, Dora, Lady Ware. Nor will Hitler and Helga von Wessel stop until the Wares hand over the Lawrence maps, key to world domination. We will see what Winston Churchill has to say about that.

Churchill with cigar



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On The Road Again Winners —- Lou and TR Bear
Lou and TR Bear submitted their winning entry for the On The Road Again Contest hosted by Cheops Books LLC. They snapped a photo of themselves cruising along in their car on the newly reconstructed Houghton Road. In the background you will see the Santa Catalina Mountains, the subject of the most recent June issue of Arizona Highways Magazine: Special Collector’s Issue with an illustration of the range on the front cover. They wrote in that they could imagine Dora and Edward cruising along in the same direction headed for Mt. Lemmon, the highest mountain in the range. They could hide out in a cabin at the top at 9,000 feet elevation. How could Helga von Wessel and Adolf Hitler find them there? They might try to smoke them out in the Santa Catalina Mountains especially now that it is summer with one of those runaway wildfires. Helga has been known to do far worse in the service of her Fuhrer. But Dora and Edward are certainly capable of outwitting them in the Santa Catalina Mountains as they continue to hide the Lawrence maps, key to world domination.

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Skiff At Sea: Chapter 2 of Wall Street Swastika:
Dora, Edward, and Winston Churchill are trapped in New York City the day that Wall Street fell and crashed through the floor in 1929. Winston, for one, lost all the investments he had in America.The stock for Adolphus Motors, Edward’s inherited auto company that his mother was attempting to run for him while he was away in the army, lost eighty per cent of its value. Only Dora was left to tell the others that she would make up for their losses if they would help because her father had never sold stock in his company and now probably never would. She would do anything to keep everybody on track defending the Lawrence maps despite the Wall Street crash.
Several days later after a short trip to Cape Cod to try to relax paid for by Dora, they all board an ocean liner for England. Dora is accompanying Edward this time. She does not want to go back to Pittsburgh. Michael has lost money on the stock market too. He called her yesterday. She does not want to hear from him. And she has to help Lady Ware in England salvage what is left of her family fortune.
But once on board Dora sees something strange out her porthole. Right before they leave for dinner in the dining room the first night at sea she sees an unmanned boat battened about by the waves, a skiff at sea. No one seems to be piloting it. She points it out to Edward who notifies Churchill who frowns and talks very low to himself, mentioning something about the Germans. Edward notifies the captain on the room phone.
At dinner the ship slows way down. It now seems becalmed in the water. Out the dining room window they can see a rowboat from the cruise ship approaching the skiff. All eyes are on it. People are leaning towards the windows to see what happens next.
“It must have come loose from its moorings and drifted out to sea,” the Captain announced as he entered the dining room. “There are all sorts of ports up and down the coast of New England as we approach the Atlantic Provinces of Canada in preparation for docking tomorrow morning in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The skiff at sea could have come from anyone one of them.”
After greeting his guests the Captain did not seat himself at his usual table. He pulled up a chair to seat himself with Churchill, Dora, and Edward. He waited until all eyes were occupied with the entertainment. They were having a parade of chefs along with music.
The Captain thrust a note at them. Churchill opened it. It was addressed to Winston Churchill, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, and Mrs. Byrne.
“Strange way to get your mail,” the Captain eyed them suspiciously. “It was attached to an oar inside the skiff. My men found it just moments ago.”
When they were alone Churchill opened it:
Thanks for the help in arranging the Wall Street crash over in America. It is the biggest help you have given me in years to advance my cause. Suddenly since yesterday I have had more requests to give speeches than I can possible fulfill. But do stay out of Germany. If I find you trespassing, you can be put to sea in your own skiff. No one will ever find you.
Adolf Hitler

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Edward Ware Thrillers Newsletter April, 2017:

Cheops Books LLC will be publishing the second volume of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series, the Salisbury Plot, on May 1. Everyone is invited to the launch party on the Cheops Books Facebook Page at 2PM Pacific Time on Monday, May 1. Be entertained by a debate between Winston Churchill and a reporter who is accusing him of being responsible for the arson aboard the Morro Castle in September of 1934. The reporter’s contention is that the map plot that the MP is engaged in was the cause of the fire just as Winston’s slowness in sending ships to rescue the Lusitania on May 7, 1915 was the cause of over 1000 deaths on that day during the Great War. Winston must defend himself as best he can. For indeed he is involved in the plot to hide the Lawrence maps, key to world domination, first from the Kaiser and next from Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. The scene where the Morro Castle catches fire is the opening sequence of the Salisbury Plot.

During the debate you can enter the contest to describe your own worst travel disaster. If you win you will receive a $25.00 Amazon gift certificate to boost your summer vacation reading. Enter other upcoming contests, too, which will be posted in the next several days.

Who is the saboteur following Dora about on the doomed Morro Castle in September of 1934? Who is the terrorist who set fire to the first class writing room on the ocean liner? Who followed Dora and her new husband, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, to Salisbury Cathedral on their wedding day? A creature in a black robe is wielding a sword in the balcony and clanging the bell. The freak seems to summon the legions of the dead who surround them in the hills peppered with bronze age burial mounds, who seem to rise from the cloisters in the center of the cathedral where unknown dead from the Middle Ages still reside. Why does she see her new husband handing money over to the saboteur on her wedding day in a hidden garden of Ware Hall? What does it mean to be married to Colonel Sir Edward Ware? When she finds out the truth it will change Dora’s life forever.

Salisbury Plot is the second volume of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series. The first volume is Key to Lawrence Special Edition. The third volume is Captive at the Berghof Parts 1 and 2, and the fourth volume is Dark Horse. They are all for sale on Amazon Kindle.

Cheops Books LLC has also just published a new young adult thriller by Dora Benley, Mary’s Gone. Creepy St. Simons Island is the setting with the live oaks with drooping moss and big roots that jut up out of the ground and look three hundred years old. Mosquitoes the size of your fist buzz near your leg and vampire-like drive you back into your car. Alligators with yellow eyes spy you from the nearest swamp, and this is the land of swamps. You won’t be able to find your way around the black water with reeds growing out of it any time soon.

Judy has the creeps. Nothing like this brutal stabbing and strangling has ever happened on St. Simons, a peaceful island off the coast of southeast Georgia. She’s seen such things only on TV. But here it is, staring straight back at her from her iPad!

There’s been an attack on a teenage girl her own age at Dunbar Creek, near Ebo Landing in the swamps. It’s a site often visited by ghost tours because of its ghoulish history. Legend has it that a girl from plantation days often appears with a lantern in hand searching for her lost love.

Whether there’s a ghost or not, Judy has no idea. All she knows is that she’d better figure out what’s really going on. The voice that calls her on her cell phone, the one claiming to be the girl from long ago named Margaret the Wanderer, promises that Judy will be her very next victim.

Mary’s Gone is a young adult thriller published by Edward Ware Thrillers YA, an imprint of Cheops Books, LLC. Stories out of the past. It is one of several novels set on St Simons Island. If you enjoyed this book, you might also like Dark 3 also by Dora Benley.

Look forward to other titles in the upcoming months.


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Gunboat Diplomacy: Franco and Gibraltar
Here is your answer to a lot of things. This may even answer what my aunt remembered about Franco in 1972. I get the chills when I hear in the news that Spain sent a gunboat into your territorial waters near Gibraltar. You say it has been going on every five years for the past 300 years. No American would permit such an intrusion. Here it would be considered suspicious and odd that a country like Spain would even remember Gibraltar for 300 years let alone act on it. It would get everybody stirred up on this side of the Atlantic, and the population here would demand it be stopped. In Britain you say it does not mean anything to you. Your nerves have gotten used to more violence, more intrusions, more gunboats, more soldiers, more air force planes, more shooting, more everything that has to do with war. To us here in the US the gunboat in Gibraltar’s waters seems to spell real trouble in the future. The Spanish are not to be trusted. I bet you anything that when the Brits were staying in Madrid during the time period of Franco, too, they saw soldiers in the streets, they noticed that the soldiers were trying to keep them isolated from the other Spanish citizens, and they had a hard time coming and going as they wished. The difference is that Brits and Europeans in general think nothing of this sort of behavior. They may even prefer it in fact because it brings peace and order to the capital city of Spain under the Fascist Dictator Franco, and we all remember that the Brits were willing to make another deal with another Fascist Dictator. It was the same thing in 1968 with De Gaulle and I’m sure it was the same thing in Nazi Germany with Adolf Hitler. What even western Europeans may think odd is what my aunt experienced in Athens in 1973 with soldiers in the street. But here things were so disorderly that even the local population was not listening to the soldiers. And terrorists were sneaking into the Athens Airport. In fact, they did not even have to sneak. They could just walk right in because there were no guards on duty at all. Employees of any kind were hard to find in the Athens Airport in those days which is why only weeks later Americans really were massacred there. When you say that “gunboats are part of the drama” in Gibraltar, I know I am onto a real difference between Americans and Europeans.
Mr. Benley in Key to Lawrence: Special Edition is always lecturing his daughter, Dora Benley, about her fiance, Edward Ware, the British lord. Winthrop Benley is the quintessential successful Robber Baron type who berates the Old World for starting World War. Later it would be World War 2. Americans are still having a hard time getting used to this sort of thing. Even the terrorists come from the Old World. Certainly Franco did.

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Cruising Along Route 66 With Cheops Books:
Old Faithful Plot has recently expanded to include Route 66. The Lincoln Highway began in 1913. Route 66 came later. But by 1933, the year of Edward’s and Dora’s epic journey west to escape Hitler’s agents, both existed and were the primary means that Easterners used to drive west, either northwest or southwest.
Fleeing Hitler’s agents and Dora’s husband’s photographers, Edward and Dora begin their journey in a hurry in Manhattan at the Waldorf Astoria. Edward had just come off an ocean liner from England. Now under special orders from Winston Churchill, the back bencher for whom he works, he races west. He is trying to meet a rendezvous set up by Churchill to hand over the Lawrence maps that he has been hiding up his sleeve. He must hand them over before Hitler’s agents get hold of them. After all, they are the key to world domination.
When Churchill’s agent veers off course, Edward gets the word to proceed to Route 66. They are treated to the isolated high plains of Texas and the weird rock formations of northern New Mexico around Albuquerque and the Painted Desert in northern Arizona. They also stop at numerous auto courts and diners along the way that add to the local color of that famous road.
Old Faithful Plot, the next in the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series, will soon be published by Cheops Books LLC.

Old motel sign along historic route 66.

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