Shutdown vs. Brexit: Background to Edward Ware Thrillers:

Part of the theme of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series is the contrast between England and America. Dora is an American. Edward is British. That is part of the conflict.

Something similar to Brexit is happening here? The government shut down here is nothing close to being as serious as the Brexit mess in England although I’ve seen more than one British commentator thinking as you do about it. There is no full-blown constitutional crisis here. There is no battle between the executive and the Congress, just political games and crap which doesn’t amount to a hill of beans and is rather boring. Politicians are trying to do what they always do — get your attention. Most people here don’t even pay attention to it. The average person in Missouri or Kansas doesn’t know anybody employed by the federal government and could care less if they aren’t getting their full pay.

And by the way this political battle between Trump and Pelosi CANNOT wend its way to the Supreme Court. The federal workers could be furloughed for two years and the Supreme Court wouldn’t rule on it.

Did you know that after 30 days of furlough the President has the authority to look over the list of furloughed employees and actually permanently lay off the ones he doesn’t deem necessary? Trump hasn’t taken this tack, but he has the authority to do so. Some Conservatives would take this tack to cut down on the federal bureaucracy and drain the swamp in DC.

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Reflections On A Hard Brexit By An American:

Why would a Hard Brexit it be a catastrophe for the people of Great Britain? This is where we don’t see eye to eye. Are people really going to starve? There won’t be food in the stores? I would have to send you care packages from America? The fact that people in England can believe this rot put out by the press perhaps it the legacy of the world wars with food rationing, etc. NO ONE IN AMERICA WOULD BELIEVE IT. This is the legacy of the world wars for America.

i am sure that all the businesses could work things out for themselves. They don’t have to always rely on the government. I am also POSITIVE that the North Sea Trade that I saw going on with my own two eyes would not stop just because you had a no deal Brexit. The Germans would find some way to continue it. Just put the pressure on their shoulders instead of letting them intimidate you.

If trade got cut off with China tomorrow and Trump thumbed his nose at them, no one in America would panic. If we left NATO, the World Trade Organization, the UN, any organization you want to name, people in America would be unaffected. You wouldn’t be able to get them to pay attention. It would be like Y2K in the year 2000 — a complete fantasy.


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Winston Churchill And The British Brexit:

I have no idea why England got itself involved in this nonsense to begin with. It seems inconceivable to an American how you could give away your national sovereignty to foreign powers, especially those that very recently were your enemies in WW2. It makes people in England seem as if they had lost their wits. To say that Brussels is going to make laws for you sounds as if you are saying that England doesn’t exist anymore.

Who won the war anyway? To rid yourself of such a ridiculous situation even if it adversely affects the economy, you should put yourself back on a wartime footing. You made it during WW2. You need to do it again if that is what it takes to save England.

The United States wouldn’t be able to join an organization like the EU. If it did, western Europe minus England would become US territories like American Samoa. They would not have euros. They would have American dollars like people who live in American Samoa. In other words it would be like the Romans. There would be a modern day empire where the Continent had been made part of the American empire. There would certainly be no commands issued from Brussels to Washington!!! America is the one that has military bases in Germany and not the other way around.

England has to decide whether it wants to be a partner with the US as a victor in WW2 or a subject state of the Germans including those in Belgium who are part German themselves.

The Germans are the real enemies, not the Russians. Why do you think the Americans and British were spying on Merkel??? What would Winston Churchill have to say?”

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Helga’s Reich And The Mufti Of Jerusalem:

In the wake of Trump’s decision to drop out of the Iran Nuclear Dea you have something interesting developments. You say, “The UK is basically opposed to almost all of Israel’s policies and is sympathetic to the Palestinians.” Well, this sounds very interesting. Considering that Britain was the author of the Balfour Declaration about Israel returning to its homeland one hundred years ago right after World War 1, why do you find yourself in such an impasse? Is this what your membership in the EU, dominated by Germany, has done to your country???

Germany always preferred the Islamic types and wanted to ally itself with them. During WW1, Germany allied itself with the Ottoman Turks as you know very well. They wanted to build a Berlin to Baghdad Railway. Hitler was friends with the Mufti of Jerusalem, who was a Palestinian. At first Hitler wanted to send some of the Jews who were being sent out of Germany back to Israel, but the Mufti protested and said he didn’t want them in Jerusalem.

Why does England, on the eve of Brexit, want to ally itself with the Nazis against the Jews? Palestinians are almost synonymous with terrorists themselves as a group. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.

In the historical thriller Helga’s Reich, one of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series, the Mufti of Jerusalem actually kidnaps Edward. He tries to force him to give up the Lawrence maps, key to world domination. Hitler wants them. So does Helga.

Helga von Wessel, Hitler’s chiefest spy, has killed Edward’s mother in a bombing raid in 1940. She has almost murdered his wife and destroyed his marriage. She has helped Hitler kidnap his only daughter, Thomasina. Now she stands in the way of Edward and Britain winning the war. Does Edward have what it takes to kill her off before this vamp who is the mother of his illegitimate son, Leopold, ruins his career and takes the Lawrence maps which he is sworn to protect? The battle between Edward and Helga plays itself out against the backdrop of World War 2.

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Brexit Reminiscent of WW2:

Germany and England are always quarreling with each other. The Brexit negotiations are only the latest round. The British should sock it to the Germans.

Maybe the British government reflects the populace — extremely divided. Maybe it wouldn’t be possible to get any kind of unified government right now no matter what party is in control.

Why would May go to Florence to make a speech about Brexit? Why not make it in London at No 10 Downing Street and have it broadcast? US Presidents don’t run off to foreign countries to make speeches about the US. They make speeches about the US relationship with a foreign country when visiting that country such as Trump’s speech in Poland this past summer. Otherwise they make speeches either in the Oval Office or in some special location in the US chosen for that purpose. Before 100 years ago when Wilson attended the Paris Peace Conference it used to be considered improper for US Presidents to leave the country at all during their term of office. Even now US Presidents don’t leave the country for a vacation.

What do you mean that Britain can’t “keep the lights on” or “the food shelves stocked” without remaining in the EU. That is just what the anti-Brexit faction wants you to believe. Somehow Britain managed to keep the lights on and the food shelves stocked during WW2 even when they were fighting the Continent.

This is what May should do: Just say that we are leaving the EU as of March, 2019. Either you accede to our demands that Britain doesn’t have to pay any extra money to the EU and doesn’t have to have the European Court of Human Rights supervising anything or on that day the North Sea Trade with Germany will cease. She should NOT back off from that statement and when the time comes let Merkel do all the fancy dancing around to keep the North Sea Trade with England going. Merkel would come up with something, believe me, even if only to say that it will continue another five years in its present state while “we” continue to work things out. In other words May should not concede anything yet, nothing at all.


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Infanta Christina and Edward Ware:

Apparently a Spanish patrol vessel, the Infanta Christina, has been accused of trespassing in Gibraltar’s waters. This was just one day after Madrid called on Britain to “calm down” about rising tensions concerning the future ownership of the Gibraltar territory. The Infanta Christina entered the territory’s waters at around lunch time Gibraltar time on Tuesday. Gibraltar’s government called the intrusion an “illegal incursion”. The Royal Navy’s HMS Scimitar challenged the vessel. The Infanta Christina finally left. This incident came only a day after Spain’s Foreign Minister was talking about negotiations about Gibraltar’s future with the British government. This all followed remarks from a former Conservative leader, Lord Howard, that England would be willing to go to war over Gibraltar to protect the Rock just like Margaret Thatcher did in the Falklands.
This all occurred after the EU documented said that Spain would be given a veto on post-Brexit agreements concerning the overseas territory called Gibraltar. Nigel Farage, the former UKIP leader, said the EU had made “an absolutely catastrophic error” and “Britain would not be bullied or intimidated”. He said on his nightly TV show on LBC: “We are not some little nation that is going to get bullied around by overpaid, unelected bureaucrats. We will simply not put up with it.” He was no doubt referring to the politicians in Brussels whose houses we saw two years ago on our trip to Waterloo.
A spokesman for the Gibraltar government said on Tuesday: “This is a timely demonstration of the way Spain routinely conducts itself in breach of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. It is almost as if Lord Howard has unnerved someone senior in the Spanish Navy.”
I don’t know if all this news about Gibraltar makes Britain look stupid across Europe as you say. I think it makes Spain look out of control and untrustworthy. It also reminds me that Britain is not really part of the Continent. Edward Ware, the hero of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series, would certainly approve of Brexit. If there was a war against Spain, he would certainly be fighting in it.



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Gibraltar Through The Ages:
Gary says that there is a cartoon in the UK Telegraph today about the Gibraltar stand off. It has May dressed like like Elizabeth 1 in a pose that is positively regal. The title of the cartoon is The English Armada. You can see out through a window behind her the Straits of Gibraltar and the Rock of Gibraltar. But why would a British admiral be quoted as saying that the English could singe the beard of the King of Spain? Why is he allowed to talk like that?
Apparently the British got Gibraltar during the War of the Spanish Succession. The British captured Gibraltar in 1704, over three hundred years ago. If the British had gotten their candidate on the Spanish throne, then they probably would have given up Gibraltar to him. But they didn’t succeed, and in the Peace Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, Gibraltar was ceded to the British. They have been there ever since. At the time the British thought it was a strategic location and saw the advantages of it despite the three year siege of Gibraltar at the end of the eighteenth century between 1780 and 1783. The Spanish and the French were trying to get Gibraltar back. The British were way outnumbered, and they started hollowing out tunnels in the rocks. They were firing cannon down on the enemy. The Spanish and French were trying to starve them out, and there had to be relief expeditions sent by the British to keep the garrison well-supplied. The Spanish have been complaining about it ever since even during WW2. Franco right after the Fall of France was making noises about Gibraltar. Hitler even offered to give Franco Gibraltar if he would fight on his side. Once it became clear that the British were not going to be defeated, Franco called that off. And the British have held onto it ever since. There is no way they could give up now — except to the US. And the US is very reluctant to take on overseas territories. It is just too key a strategic position.
Gibraltar is a setting in the upcoming Edward Ware Thrillers at War title Hitler’s Agent. Even the apes of Gibraltar play a role. Dora and Edward find themselves docking there to refuel on their flight from Hitler and Mussolini in Italy back to Paris to meet Churchill at the Ritz and finally to Southampton.

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This morning when I woke up I usually follow the QM2 to see where it is anchored that day. I knew it was on a world cruise and had just been in Korea. Where would it go next? I was surprised to find that the website said that QM2 was “not on a cruise”. In the past this has meant that the ship was doing something unexpected such as looking for somebody who jumped overboard such as in August of 2015, the month after we were on the ship or in July of 2015 when we were last on the ship on the 175th anniversary cruise coming back to New York and we ran into the mysterious skiff at sea episode. But when I mentioned it to Gary he had a different explanation this time. Quite different and surprising!
Gary found that the Queen Mary 2 which is currently on a world cruise is being used in Theresa May’s first foreign trade deal. it was announced by David Dingle, the Chairman of Maritime UK and the Chairman of Carnival UK, and John Hayes, the Shipping and Ports Minister and Member of Parliament, and the Trade Minister, Mark Garnier, that they are going to have a three day mission to Shanghai March 28-March 30. David Dingle is going to host a luncheon aboard the Queen Mary 2 which will be anchored there in Shanghai. He will host Chinese officials and government ministers. Where will they eat? We’ve been discussing it and have decided that it would probably be in the Queen’s Room on deck 3. I should send you pictures. It is usually a ballroom but it adjacent to the main dining room and eatery, the Britannia Dining Room.
This is supposed to help improve trade and investment relations between the two nations. “The maritime industry has a unique role to play in making Brexit a success,” Dingle says. “As Britain goes out into the world determined to increase exports and sign ambitious trade deals, Maritime UK has a unique responsibility to make Global Britain a reality,” Dingle says. He addes, “We are ready to do so.” It is all scheduled around the time that Theresa May is supposed to trigger the Brexit, Article 50, tomorrow, Wednesday, March 29.
Unique how Britain always uses cruise ships for political purposes such as Queen Mary 1 in World War 2 and now Queen Mary 2. Queen Mary 1, the original Queen Mary liner, is featured in Captive at the Berghof, one of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series.


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