Cheops Books Will Assemble A Brochure Of Classical Novels:

Soon Cheops Books will assemble a brochure. It will include Dora Benley’s classical thrillers: Julia: A Romance, Caesar’s Lost Legions, Carthage Must Be Destroyed, and Vesuvius Plot.

Who was Pliny the Elder?

Pliny the Elder, or Gaius Plinius Secundus, was an ancient Roman scientist, essayist, and thinker. He was probably the greatest mind of the first century AD. He had an office right next door to what later became the Porta Nigra in Trier.

What was he doing there, hundreds of miles away from his home in Rome? Trier was the oldest Roman city in Germany. He had been appointed Governor of the Province of Germany probably by the Emperor Vespasian and his son, the Emperor Titus. No doubt he studied the birds there as well as the flora and fauna. He was the first to write an encyclopedia called the Natural History, which was influential for centuries.

He was carrying on business as usual here early in the summer of 79AD. This was before packing his bags and returning home for a summer at the seaside south of Rome at one of his villas near the Vesuvius Volcano. Unknown to any mortal that summer, it was about to erupt.

According to legend that is how Pliny died. He was leading an expedition to save those too near the volcano when the volcano sent a rain of ash down upon him. Italian archaeologist now think they may have discovered his remains in a ship in the Bay of Naples near the volcano. See article on the website.

But the thriller offers a different explanation for his mysterious disappearance. He was being pursued by German warriors for writing a derisive work about their peoples and culture called the Germania.

But did he escape or not? Vesuvius Plot may present surprising answers. It is the latest book in the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series.

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Questions For May 18 Debate For Hitler’s Chief Spy:

Two reporters, one pro Trump and one anti Trump, debate Hitler vs. Trump. Mr. Anderson is pro Trump and Mr. Foster is anti Trump. The debate will not take place on Facebook. It will take place on the Cheops Books LLC website at at 2PM on Friday, May 18, one week from today. That is the day when Hitler’s Chief Spy will be published on Amazon Kindle.

The questions for the debate are as follows:

1)How many treaties did Hitler tear up? How many did Trump tear up?
2)Did Trump act like a 1930s dictator when he tore up the Iran Nuclear Deal?
3)What was the worse deal, the Anglo-German Naval Treaty or the Iran Nuclear Deal?
4)Who was the more clever politician, Hitler or Trump?

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Did Hurricane Irma Strike St. Simons Island, Georgia?

How did your ex mother in law get to Fort Myers, Florida? Is she retired? You say you don’t know why they didn’t leave. I would have been out of there as soon as the storm was even mentioned or forecast.

Believe it or not we drove through Fort Myers once on the way back and forth to Sanibel/Captiva which are barrier islands right off shore from Fort Myers. Captiva Island in particular was so small that any storm surge at all would immediately make it disappear. You could see from shore to shore and easily walk the distance on that island. At the narrowest point the island was only 100 feet wide or so. All the buildings there were built up on piles so the storm surge would go underneath them. I remember being in a grocery store like that where your bags were lowered down on a dumb waiter to the parking lot level and put in your car.

My own grandmother, Doris Benner, the one I used as a model for Dora Benley, owned a condo in Sarasota, Florida, but that was high rise. My great-grandmother, the model for Etta May for in fact her name was Etta May, had a house in Sarasota.

Have you heard what happened to your ex mother-in-law? This morning all I hear is that Jacksonville, Florida on the Atlantic Coast was flooded with a storm surge bigger than any since Hurricane Dora in 1964. I also visited Jacksonville. We stayed at the Ponte Vedra Resort outside town on the beach. Jacksonsville looked like an old industrial city somehow in the South. It is near St. Augustine where the Spanish settled hundreds of years ago.

It is also very close by to St Simons Island, Georgia, the setting for Dark 1 and Dark 2 of my Dark Series, the one that was originally published by Scholastic UK. It is soon to be republished by Cheops Books, LLC.

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For The Royal Table
How did the author get all the details of the banquet correct in Captive at the Berghof: Part 1? When you read the scene you find out that Dora and Edward served a multi course banquet to the new Ambassador from Germany to Great Britain during the Third Reich, von Ribbentrop. They used six cups and a complicated array of silverware just as it would have been done by the upper crust in England during the 1930’s, the last age of elegance.
The book For the Royal Table: Dining at the Palace by Kathryn Jones was used as a guidebook. It provides all the details about dining at Buckingham Palace in London. One of the menus suggested by this book was used for the infamous banquet at Ware Hall where von Ribbentropp has been instructed by Hitler to force Edward and Dora to give him a Lawrence map in exchanged for their kidnapped little daughter, Thomasina.
Look it up. You will find out what George III liked to eat for dinner. It may have been served at Ware Hall to von Ribbentrop. Read Captive at the Berghof: Part 1, an Edward Ware Thriller at War novel.

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Next year, starting on Friday, January 6, we will offer one of our thrillers for sale for only $.99. Every Friday thereafter we will continue to offer a weekly special to introduce you to our line of young adult and adult thriller novels in the Edward Ware Thrillers At War and the Edward Ware Thrillers YA Series. The deal will continue all weekend until midnight on Sunday. You can use your PayPal account to pay for it online. Then we will send you the ebook for you to read on your computer or upload to your Kindle.
We will also be offering deals on our partner site, More details about that later.


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Starting in January of next year Cheops Books LLC will start to sell its own novels and published books on its own website: We will have a checkout cart next to each book being sold. We will start with the Edward Ware Thrillers at War and proceed to the much larger group of Edward Ware Thrillers YA. You will also be able to buy paperback, hardback, and ebooks for sale on our cooperating site,



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