Where Did All The Femme Fatales Go?

Throughout the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series we have various femme fatales who appear in each of the novels. In Vesuvius Plot we meet the femme fatale named Belona who appears to be the queen of the ancient German tribe. In the previous Roman novel, the Cherusci Plot, we met a femme fatale named Terentula who was married to the Roman governor of Trier at the time of 9 A.D and who turned traitor to the Emperor Augustus. In each case, Belona and Terentula take advantage of the men to betray them and betray their causes.

The femme fatale theme is big in the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series. In the more contemporary port of the series the hero, Col. Sir Edward Ware, has a lifelong antipathy towards the villainess and the femme fatale, Helga von Wessel. At the same time he is the father of her only son, Leopold, and she exercises a fatal attraction of the flesh which Edward must always struggle against. He tries to be true to his wife, Dora, Lady Ware, also his fellow conspirator. He must also resist the femme fatale’s attempts to steal the Lawrence maps, key to world domination.

In the series femme fatales become part of the theme itself. They are the touchstones which the hero must struggle against discover his role, his identity, and to achieve his eventual triumph. They embody villainy itself in a very personal way.

But at the end of the series where do all these evil women go? None of them actually seems to get killed or die in the book. Even Helga von Wessel only disappears. Belona seems to be magical, almost a goddess or evil goddess in herself. Terentula is the head of the defiant political movement that will not go away will give Rome trouble in the future. I’d like to think of all three of them as someday meeting in a dark corner of the earth, or perhaps the dark side of the moon, or perhaps some lost Potemkin village in the wilds of Russia where no one else will ever find them. They can set up their own city with their own laws where all these women are in charge. They can exploit the men only in some dark fantasy but not in real life.

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Background of Vesuvius Plot:

Vesuvius Plot is dedicated to the mountain that never sleeps, Mount Vesuvius, still active after 2000 years.

The author visited Pompeii in the Amalfi Coast on her second trip to Rome she was 15 years old. She took a one day tour from the eternal city down the coast to the most famous archaeological ruin that exists anywhere. She was anxious to take notes and photographs for her Latin one class back at the high school.

She followed closely behind the guide all the way through the town, looking from left to right at all the ruined houses and artworks and taking copious notes. The guide would not allow her, her mother, or her sister to visit the art gallery devoted to nude statues and other controversial artwork. He would allow only her brother, even though he was younger, and her father to take the tour. Later she was able to view the artworks in various coffee table books that showed the reader the statues and paintings that now reside mostly in the National Archaeological Museum in Naples. She was able to view Mount Vesuvius in the distance alongside of the Bay of Naples. That volcano probably made a bigger impression than anything else. It was easy to imagine even for a 15-year-old what it must’ve been like that day at noon time on August 24 79 A.D. When the volcano erupted. Up until now the author has never dealt with that event in any of her novels. She thought it was fitting that it become the subject the novel of its own entitled the Vesuvius Plot.

Here we follow the adventures of the grandson of the hero of the Cherusci Plot as he joins the administration of Pliny the Elder at Trier where the government then resided in the province of Germany. The ancestors of Arminius, Hermann the German, are still trying to resist Roman rule. In particular they are targeting Pliny the Elder because of his work entitled the Germania, which has since been lost. The governor, a famous scientist and philosopher and author of the encyclopedic natural history, the first encyclopedia ever written, criticized the Germans for being barbaric and outside the Roman world. This was an accusation that the descendants of Hermann the German were not likely to forget or forgive.

They follow Pliny the Elder and Caius Antonius back to Italy during the summer of 79 A.D. While the volcano blows its top they try to decide who will rule the Western world – will it be the Romans or will it be the Germans, under the sign of the swastika, symbol of their ancient religion, after all?

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Is Christopher Columbus a Fascist?

On a more serious note, I was looking up statues of Christopher Columbus online and came across one in Barcelona, Spain of all places. Would you believe that the article said the people over there in Europe want to pull the Columbus statue down? Have you heard about this? This is a very large,prominent statue of some artistic merit showing Columbus pointing out to sea. Apparently they don’t like the idea that Columbus oppressed native peoples in the New World either. But I said to myself why would there care over in Spain? When I read some more it said that the Catalans in Barcelona think of themselves as a “native people” too. They think they are being oppressed by the government in Madrid. They call Columbus a “Fascist” as well as Madrid and look back to the Spanish Civil War where they were on the losing side. This sounds like trouble to me, more trouble than anything going on in the United States about Columbus statues. For instance apparently Seattle has replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, but how many Italian Americans live in Seattle? Here it is just silly political correctness if it is anything at all.

Cheops Books, LLC publishes historical novels about Europe including Inn at the Crossroads, Cherusci Plot, and Vesuvius Plot.

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British Museum Preserves American History:

Supposedly the stupid Mayor of New York City, the same one who went to Hamburg when they were having the political riots in July, has declared that New York City might well remove its statue of Christopher Columbus. That statue has been standing since 1892 in its present location. It was erected to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus sailing the ocean blue in 1492. What did Christopher Columbus do to offend the mayor? Supposedly that he was the harbinger of oppression for the native peoples of the New World. Of course that is like saying that America should never have been discovered which is really weird.

Pretty soon the British Museum will be the only place that has American artifacts and keeps them there. Earlier this year they had an exhibit of Americana and displayed some of their collection. Just as they preserve the Elgin Marbles they will have to preserve America’s history for America.

Cheops Books, LLC frequently publishes historical novels such as Inn at the Crossroads, Cherusci Plot, and Vesuvius Plot. Map Plot involves a key scene at the British Museum where Edward, Dora, T.E. Lawrence, and Leonard Woolley hide the Lawrence maps in the Rosetta Stone.

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Should We Throw Henry VIII Out Of The History Books?:

Should we throw Henry VIII and other wrong doers out of the history books? This is one of the questions evoked by recent incidents in Charlotteseville, Virginia concerning pulling down the Robert E. Lee statue.

You have to see things in their historical context. Everyone is limited by the times in which he happens to live. For instance, are we supposed to tear down classic buildings like the Pantheon in Rome because it was originally built by Agrippa who was Augustus’s friend and a slaveholder? The Pantheon was rebuilt later by Hadrian who was also a slaveholder. Should we tear down Hadrian’s Villa as well as the Pantheon because the builders and rebuilders were slaveholders? I don’t think Italian tourism would go for that.

There is the famous example of Wagner and his operas? He might not have been played in Israel but nobody has suggested you should destroy his operas because his wife associated with Hitler and because he himself in the 19th century espoused the early doctrines of what later became National Socialism?

What about Henry VIII? Should we tear down Hampton Court because he abused women? The list goes on and on.

The University of Virginia library said by the way that America could not have existed without black slavery. Apparently the slaves were the only workers who could have survived in the fields in the south where there was still malaria and other tropical diseases. It was morally bad but a necessity all the same. It was the choice of Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitioner from The Brothers Karamazov, a dark choice but one that was to lead eventually to the United States of America without whom the Nazis would not have been defeated in the twentieth century. History is neither moral nor immoral. It is amoral.

Many of the novels published by Cheops Books LLC are historical novels such as the  upcoming Vesuvius Plot, The Cherusci Plot, and The Inn at the Crossroads.

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EU Should Reinstitute Border Checks:

One of the dangers is that the EU thinks that it is modeling itself on America. It calls itself the United States of Europe. It is implementing new rules and laws that are dangerously inappropriate. My aunt told me that she was on a train coming from Italy to Munich, Germany that went through the Alps. The train stopped in Innsbruck. I think this was in the very early 1970’s. Everybody had to get off the train in the station. Not only did the “putsfraus” or cleaning ladies go aboard to clean everything, the authorities insisted on looking at everybody’s documentation after crossing a border.
If the authorities had checked papers when the rioters entered Hamburg by train, they might have been stopped before they could riot and loot. Instead they marched freely through the train station where we parked 5 years ago looking for the Best Western St. Raphael Hotel nearby. They were carrying a huge sign in front of them saying something like the “war starts here”. It couldn’t have been more obvious what was going on. They were announcing themselves. They should have been arrested before they set any cars afire or looted any shops and told the shop owners that the needed to pay them protection money.
The EU should reinstitute border checks. That is what I am saying.

Hamburg is the setting for several Edward Ware Thrillers at War novels including Map Plot, Wall Street Swastika, and the Cherusci Plot. Germany itself in one of the main settings and themes of the whole series from Cherusci Plot on to Captive at the Berghof, Unlocking Trinity, and other World War 2 and World War 1 novels such as Dark Horse, Salisbury Plot, Map Plot, and Key to Lawrence Special Edition.

The photo published with this blog is one that the authors took in Hamburg at the train station in 2012. It is the place that the protestors used as a port of entry.

Hamburg Hauptbahnhoff

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Lucius Antonius: Ancestor of Colonel Sir Edward Ware

Lucius Antonius was the original ancestor of Colonel Sir Edward Ware in the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series. Born in ancient Rome in the first century B.C. he was an officer under Julius Caesar during the Alexandrian Campaign in Egypt in 47 and 48 B.C. After the war was over he married one of Cleopatra’s surviving serving women. When his commanding officer Julius Caesar was assassinated in the Roman Forum in 44 B.C., Lucius Antonius and his new bride fled to Britannia, the Roman colony in England. That was to be the home base of the Antonius family from that point on. Two later heroes of Edward Ware Thrillers at War novels came from his line and from Britannia: Caelius Antonius and Caius Antonius. These were the heroes of the Cherusci Plot and the Vesuvius Plot respectively. They were to gain fame fighting the Germanic tribes in the first century AD.

Cleopatra’s Stone from the point of view of Lucius Antoniuis has just been published by Cheops Books LLC.


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Prediction For The Future: History Repeats Itself:
My Prediction for the future: The EU was the immediate result of the fallout from World War 1 and World War 2, the main political and military events of the twentieth century. The European countries had had enough by the 1950’s and wanted time to get their economies going again. But as the years went by, the various European countries became more prosperous. The people in Europe start to forget the immediate past and the lessons of the world wars. Nationalism starts to raise its ugly head again, at least ugly if you don’t like this sort of thing and remember what it led to in the past.
Nationalism in its modern sense had its origins in Europe. I think it was the Sun King, Louis XIV, who first brought France together as a nation state. England under the Tudors wasn’t far behind. For instance, Henry VIII breaking with the Church in Rome was exercising his nationalist muscles. Even countries like Germany and Italy fell in line during the 19th century with unification movements.
Two years ago I would have said the EU would last forever. My prediction has since changed with all this Middle Eastern terrorism in Europe and the Syrian refugees pouring in. I think this is helping to ignite nationalist movements all over Europe. Heck, Martin Luther was able to get the German states to function together to eject the Turk, Suleiman, who came knocking on the gates of Vienna. And to do this he had to interrupt principalities at war with each other in the build up to the Thirty Years War. Yes, Europe is remembering its old identities again.
Britain, the most prosperous European country after WW2, has found its old identity first. It wants to eject immigrants and build walls, I guess. Soon other states may follow in the general breakup of the EU. Either that or the solid core of the EU that might remain will be all Germanic. Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, and the Scandinavian countries are all Germanic in origin. On Roman maps you find reference to a tribe in Greater Gaul called the Belgii, for instance. Parts of France were Gauls. The line at the Rhine River was imposed by the Varusschlacht in 9AD, but still these were all the same sort of tribes. In the future if this part of the EU survives it may be only to assert a new kind of German nationalism. You might find that this sounds like a nightmare for the future. But the more things change, the more they remain the same.

The Varusschlacht is the subject of an upcoming Edward Ware Thrillers at War novel entitled the Cherusci Plot.

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