Salisbury Plot Is Getting A New Cover:

How about a touch of the Gothic? Time to visit Salisbury Plot which is about to be published in a brand new edition with a brand new cover recently drawn by cover artist Daniel Teran. It will be published next year along with a new edition of Key to Lawrence. We have a whole new line up to be announced before the end of the year.

Who is the saboteur following Dora about on the doomed Morro Castle in September of 1934? Who is the terrorist who set fire to the first class writing room on the ocean liner? Who followed Dora and her new husband, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, to Salisbury Cathedral on their wedding day? A creature in a black robe is wielding a sword in the balcony and clanging the bell. The freak seems to summon the legions of the dead who surround them in the hills peppered with bronze age burial mounds, who seem to rise from the cloisters in the center of the cathedral where unknown dead from the Middle Ages still reside. Why does she see her new husband handing money over to the saboteur on her wedding day in a hidden garden of Ware Hall? What does it mean to be married to Colonel Sir Edward Ware? When she finds out the truth it will change Dora’s life forever.

Salisbury Plot is book two of the Edward Ware Thriller Series. The first book is Key to Lawrence: Special Edition, which starts at World War 1 with the sinking of the Lusitania. Book three is Captive at the Berghof 1 and 2 concerning Hitler and World War 2 and their interaction with the British. Book four is Dark Horse, an alternative history thriller about the Republican Convention of 1940. Additional titles are to come.

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EU Should Reinstitute Border Checks:

One of the dangers is that the EU thinks that it is modeling itself on America. It calls itself the United States of Europe. It is implementing new rules and laws that are dangerously inappropriate. My aunt told me that she was on a train coming from Italy to Munich, Germany that went through the Alps. The train stopped in Innsbruck. I think this was in the very early 1970’s. Everybody had to get off the train in the station. Not only did the “putsfraus” or cleaning ladies go aboard to clean everything, the authorities insisted on looking at everybody’s documentation after crossing a border.
If the authorities had checked papers when the rioters entered Hamburg by train, they might have been stopped before they could riot and loot. Instead they marched freely through the train station where we parked 5 years ago looking for the Best Western St. Raphael Hotel nearby. They were carrying a huge sign in front of them saying something like the “war starts here”. It couldn’t have been more obvious what was going on. They were announcing themselves. They should have been arrested before they set any cars afire or looted any shops and told the shop owners that the needed to pay them protection money.
The EU should reinstitute border checks. That is what I am saying.

Hamburg is the setting for several Edward Ware Thrillers at War novels including Map Plot, Wall Street Swastika, and the Cherusci Plot. Germany itself in one of the main settings and themes of the whole series from Cherusci Plot on to Captive at the Berghof, Unlocking Trinity, and other World War 2 and World War 1 novels such as Dark Horse, Salisbury Plot, Map Plot, and Key to Lawrence Special Edition.

The photo published with this blog is one that the authors took in Hamburg at the train station in 2012. It is the place that the protestors used as a port of entry.

Hamburg Hauptbahnhoff

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Salisbury Plot will soon be available as an audio book on Audible Cheops Books, LLC has hired a recording artist to tell Dora’s story first as Mrs. Byrne on the sinking Morro Castle and then as Lady Ware married to a mysterious British Lord, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, who finds himself deep in intrigue on the German front. Hitler’s name keeps surfacing and then disappears into the shadows on their country estate in England in the 1930s. Dora does not feel safe and she must find her own way out of the shadows.
Salisbury Plot is book 2 of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series. Already published are Key to Lawrence Special Edition, book 1, Captive at the Berghof 1 and 2, which are book 3 of the series, and the Dark Horse, which is book 4. Captive at the Berghof 1 and 2 are already available on Audible. So is Dark Horse available. Key to Lawrence: Special Edition will soon be on Audible itself.


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English: The Language of Shakespeare and the Edward Ware Thrillers:
I don’t know the exact rules either, but I heard from an academic who was studying the subject that the Republic of Ireland requires students to learn Gaelic, and Northern Ireland offers it as an elective. It would probably be more useful at this point to learn Latin than Gaelic even though that is also a dead language. Latin has more ties with English and the evolution of English and other major European languages such as French, Spanish, and Italian. And dead language though it be it has more classics written in that language than Gaelic does. Even major poets who supposed Irish independence such as William Butler Yeats wrote in English. Many of them knew Latin, too.
Unfortunately I agree with the two chaps who were fans of British cricket who were traveling on the train in Hitchcock’s movie The Lady Vanishes. The station attendant was calling out trains in all sorts of languages first. Finally he got to English. The two chaps quipped, “Well, why didn’t he say that to begin with?” I always support having everybody learn English. You could even make up a humorous rejoinder to the German question, “What’s wrong with the Germans?” The answer would be of course than they don’t speak better English.
English is the language of Shakespeare, not only the greatest writer of English but also of any language. It is fortunately also the language of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series including Key to Lawrence Special Edition, Dark Horse, Captive at the Berghof, and soon the Salisbury Plot. The hero of the series, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, was the old-fashioned British sort who would never have questioned speaking English. He thought that was what he was fighting for in the Second World War.

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Goodreads Giveaway Reviews For Dark Horse:
Dark Horse is an historical thriller about the 1940 election where FDR ran against Wendell Wilkie. Cheops Books LLC published it on November 8, 2016 on election eve 2016, the day of the big Trump win that nobody expected. We also did a Goodreads giveaway, and reviews continue to come in. We have posted them on our web page for the novel, Dark Horse at: You can read them here.

What would happen if Hitler won the Battle of Dunkirk? Colonel Sir Edward Ware is about to find out when Rommel pushes him off the French beach with all his troops and then beats him to Britain in 1940. At the Republican Convention of 1940 in Philadelphia a dark horse candidate is being selected with plenty of Nazi involvement. What can Edward and Churchill do to avoid the straight arm salute in this alternative history thriller?
Dark Horse is book five of the Edward Ware Thrillers At War Series.

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Dora Benley, the World Traveler:
Dora Benley had no idea when she set out on our journey with her parents on May 1, 1915 to England that she was embarking on a lifetime of travel. The young woman at that time was a college student at Bryn Mawr College for young women and had never been abroad before. She had probably not been much of anywhere except Pennsylvania, driving between her native haunts of Pittsburgh where she grew up to Philadelphia where she was attending school and where her parents had another estate in the King of Prussia area called Maymont.
Dora Benley experienced a rough and sudden indoctrination into the world of travel. She embarked on the Lusitania in Manhattan on May 1, 1915. A German torpedo sank it on May 7, 1915 off the coast of Ireland. Dora swore to get revenge on the Germans who sank her ship and killed some of her friends. She joined forces with Edward Ware and later married him, becoming Lady Ware. In the cause of fighting Germans and keeping the Lawrence maps, key to world domination, away from them she traveled to England, Germany, Italy, France, Gibraltar, Chicago, Yellowstone, the Petrified Forest, Santa Fe, San Diego, the Atlantic Provinces of Canada, Scotland, Denmark, and more places than you can count. She kept a wardrobe and suitcase packed at the Savoy Hotel in London just because she never knew where she and her husband, the Colonel, were going to be sent next as spies in the service of Winston Churchill.
The best way to appreciate Dora Benley and her travel itinerary is to read the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series starting with Key to Lawrence Special Edition and continuing with 1935 Plot, Dark Horse, and other novels yet to be published.

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