Murder At Hamlet’s Castle:

Dora Benley has authored the 12th volume of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series, and they are still coming adding more volumes. In the future look for more adventures including upcoming Murder at Hamlet’s Castle. Edward and Dora are always looking for places to conceal the much sought after Lawrence maps. They have hidden them everywhere from the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum, to the floorboards beneath the bedroom at Edward’s estate in the south of England, to Dora’s bedroom in Oakhurst outside Pittsburgh during the First World War, to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the Rose Tree Museum in Tombstone, Arizona, at Winston Churchill’s estate, Chartwell in Kent, in the tent at Petra in the Syrian desert while fighting with Lawrence of Arabia, and up Edward’s sleeve everywhere he goes as a Colonel in His Majesty’s Armed Forces.

Why shouldn’t the much fabled maps be associated with Hamlet? Apparently in the bowels of Kronburg Castle in Helsingor, or Elsinore in the play, the Danish Prince constructed a vast storage area where he was storing military supply equipment and secret plans and maps for conquering the enemy named Fortinbras whom his father, the previous king of Denmark, was trying to defeat. The castle fell into ruins and very few people remembered the secret chamber. Winston Churchill chanced upon information about it in his researches to European history, and of course Hamlet was a real prince and not just the fictional creation of Shakespeare’s imagination.

So Dora and Edward decide to hide the Lawrence maps there thinking that no one will find them. But that was in the 1930’s. What happens when the Nazi overrun Denmark? Dora and Edward had better get those maps out of there quickly or there will be hell to pay for all of Europe and the civilized world. To be or not to be? They won’t get the chance when Hitler invades. They just won’t be and neither will Denmark.

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Most Recent Masterpieces By Daniel Teran:

Daniel Teran’s two most recent book covers include Vesuvius Plot and Carthage Must Be Destroyed.
In Vesuvius Plot Pliny the Elder battles the Germans in Trier only to have the tribes follow him back to Italy. Who will win as the Vesuvius Volcano starts to erupt in the background?

Who was Pliny the Elder?

Pliny the Elder, or Gaius Plinius Secundus, was an ancient Roman scientist, essayist, and thinker, probably the greatest mind of the first century AD. He had an office right next door to what later became the Porta Nigra in Trier.

What was he doing there, hundreds of miles away from his home in Rome? Trier was the oldest Roman city in Germany. He had been appointed Governor of the Province of Germany probably by the Emperor Vespasian and his son, the Emperor Titus. No doubt he studied the birds there as well as the flora and fauna since he was the first to write an encyclopedia called the Natural History, which was influential for centuries.

He was carrying on business as usual here early in the summer of 79AD before packing his bags and returning home for a summer at the seaside south of Rome at one of his villas near the Vesuvius Volcano which unknown to any mortal that summer was about to erupt.

According to legend that is how Pliny died. He was leading an expedition to save those too near the volcano when the volcano sent a rain of ash down upon him. Italian archaeologist now think they may have discovered his remains in a ship in the Bay of Naples near the volcano. See article on the website.

But the novel offers a different explanation for his mysterious disappearance. He was being pursued by German warriors for writing a derisive work about their peoples and culture called the Germania.
But did he escape or not? Vesuvius Plot may present surprising answers. It is the latest book in the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series.

In Carthage Must Be Destroyed Gaius Antonius is inspired by the leading senator and statesman, Marcus Porcius Cato. He turns his talent for drawing into a map making expedition to Carthage where he manages to ferret out a naval vessel as evidence that the Carthaginians are starting to rebuild their fleet in the aftermath of the Second Punic War. They have finished with the reparations that Rome imposed on them, and now have money to spare.

He and his mentor Cato return to the Roman Senate to get them to declare war when the map disappears. Gaius must chase the Carthaginian Princess Tanit across the Mediterranean and meet all sorts of unexpected hardships.

Will he make it in time, or will Princess Tanit and her relatives gain the upper hand against them? Find out in Carthage Must Be Destroyed by Dora Benley.

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Shutdown vs. Brexit: Background to Edward Ware Thrillers:

Part of the theme of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series is the contrast between England and America. Dora is an American. Edward is British. That is part of the conflict.

Something similar to Brexit is happening here? The government shut down here is nothing close to being as serious as the Brexit mess in England although I’ve seen more than one British commentator thinking as you do about it. There is no full-blown constitutional crisis here. There is no battle between the executive and the Congress, just political games and crap which doesn’t amount to a hill of beans and is rather boring. Politicians are trying to do what they always do — get your attention. Most people here don’t even pay attention to it. The average person in Missouri or Kansas doesn’t know anybody employed by the federal government and could care less if they aren’t getting their full pay.

And by the way this political battle between Trump and Pelosi CANNOT wend its way to the Supreme Court. The federal workers could be furloughed for two years and the Supreme Court wouldn’t rule on it.

Did you know that after 30 days of furlough the President has the authority to look over the list of furloughed employees and actually permanently lay off the ones he doesn’t deem necessary? Trump hasn’t taken this tack, but he has the authority to do so. Some Conservatives would take this tack to cut down on the federal bureaucracy and drain the swamp in DC.

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Paris Peace Plot Starts Goodreads Giveaway:

Win 1 of 100 free Kindle copies of book one of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War novel by Dora Benley. Enter today on Goodreads.

Miss Dora Benley has an enemy. She does not know who it is. Somebody is watching her board the Lusitania on May 1, 1915 on the Cunard pier in New York. Aboard the ship eyes follow her everywhere she goes.

When she arrives in England her fiance’s gardener watches Miss Dora Benley, the American heiress, perpetually. When Lieutenant Edward Ware is off fighting with Lawrence of Arabia, saboteurs make her Pittsburgh trolley jump the tracks and crash. She discovers a murderous thug inside her shed in the South Hills of Pittsburgh where her father has his estate.

She has reason to believe that the terrorists are following her fiance during his battles with Lawrence in the Syrian Desert. Near the end of the war Edward is kidnapped and disappears. She travels to Europe to find him and meets with Lawrence of Arabia during the Paris Peace Conference in early 1919. But sure enough dark eyes once again follow her every move.

What do these mysterious saboteurs want with Dora? Edward? They have followed her and her fiance through the entire Great War and beyond. Will Dora and Edward survive the Paris Peace Conference? Will they survive the war? Read Paris Peace Plot and find out.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Paris Peace Plot by Dora Benley

Paris Peace Plot

by Dora Benley

Giveaway ends November 11, 2018.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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Sketch For Cover For Egyptian Spy:

The cover artist has finished a preliminary sketch for the cover of Egyptian Spy, the next historical thriller by Dora Benley and also an Edward Ware Thrillers at War novel. He had imagined Leopold von Wessel shooting a spitting Egyptian cobra at the base of the Sphinx outside Cairo while Dora screams. Helga von Wessel, the Egyptian spy, looms over the scene. She casts a dark shadow on the action.

Dora, Lady Ware, her husband, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, his boss, Wickie, and Wickie’s wife, Jane, all travel to the Sphinx outside Cairo for the Christmas holidays when Edward’s mother, the Dowager Lady Ware, comes to visit in the 1930’s between the wars.

There are mystery figures hanging about even on top of the Sphinx and Dora cannot quite make them out. When she is left alone for a moment, a stalker approaches her and threatens her if she does not hand over the military maps that they want.

She flees and the stalker chases her. She finds herself on top of the Sphinx with a spitting cobra, only to be saved by Leopold, a young man who has befriended her.

But he is suddenly gunned down. But whom? And who is Leopold? Dora had better find out or she could soon be dead, too, in Egyptian Spy, a new thriller by Dora Benley.

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Edward Ware Thrillers Alternative History:

Come and explore the Cheops Books LLC website: Now we have a new category of Edward Ware Thrillers novels: Alternative History. All together that makes five categories of Edward Ware Thrillers imprints: 1) Classics such as Julia: A Romance 2)young adult YA novels such as Murder on Spirit Island 3) Edward Ware Thrillers at War such as Paris Peace Plot 4)Edward Ware Thrillers Ancestors such as Pliny: A Thriller and now 5)Edward Ware Thrillers Alternative History such as Dark Horse and Old Faithful Plot.

In Dark Horse what would happen if Hitler won the Battle of Dunkirk? Colonel Sir Edward Ware is about to find out when Rommel pushes him off the French beach with all his troops and then beats him to Britain in 1940. The chase ends up in Coronado, California, land of palm trees, the rich and famous — and swastikas!

It’s all ahead to the Republican Convention of 1940 in Philadelphia where a dark horse candidate is being selected with major international complications and plenty of Nazi involvement in this alternative history thriller.

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 New Current Promotion: Armistice Plot:
The new current promotion page on the website is now featuring Armistice Plot by Dora Benley, a volume in the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series. The historical thriller about World War 1 is to be published on October 1, the day of the Battle of Damascus one hundred years before where the Turks agreed to the Armistice ending the war.
The novel Armistice Plot begins at an archaeological site at Carchemish in 1914 as Edward Ware’s father and Leonard Woolley close down their dig in the face of war. As Edward peers into the tent at midnight he sees a dark-robed intruder brushing past the figurine of an ancient Hittite king that he and T.E.Lawrence excavated at Carchemish this summer in 1914.Is this a spy sent by the Germans to steal the maps Lawrence is sketching for the British military? Edward first encounters the vamp who will haunt the rest of his life prowling among the finds, looking for the military maps that his fellow archaeologist T. E.Lawrence is drawing for the British government.

All during the ensuing Great War Edward must fight to keep the maps secret. Finally during the Battle of Damascus Edward and Lawrence defeat the Turks and make them sue for peace. They will sign the Armistice ending the war. But the vamp, though imprisoned in Damascus, escapes. Edward must chase her down.

There are hints that she is fleeing to join with the Austrian corporal, Adolf Hitler, who is beginning a new movement in Munich. Signs of a new war appear on the horizon though the first has just come to an end with an Armistice that isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

This is an historical thriller about Edward’s contest to the death first with the German Kaiser and then with Hitler himself. It will determine the woman he will marry and the woman he will not. It will drive him to the brink of madness in a century gone insane.

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Edward Ware Thrillers Classics:

Cheops Books LLC wants to draw attention to a new section of its website at It is called Edward Ware Thrillers Classics. So far only Julia: A Romance is listed there. Soon Julia will be joined by a host of other novels about the past, especially the ancient past. These novels are NOT part of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series or the Edward Ware Thrillers YA Series.

Julia has every reason to wish that she had not been born the daughter of a Roman senator during the Roman Civil Wars of Marius and Sulla. Her father, Rufus, is trying to escape the proscriptions lists and save his life by betrothing his only daughter in marriage to Marcus Sisenna.

Marcus Sisenna is the right hand man of Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix, one of the leading men of Rome of the day. Rufus needs his armies and the protection both Sulla and Sisenna can provide.
But Julia does not want to marry a man who has already had five wives and who is just marrying her for her father’s money and estates. She does not want to be added to his collection of trophies. Julia wants personal happiness despite the time period into which she has been born.

Her father thinks only of keeping his wealth and estates together. Her divorced mother is interested only in her own lovers. To whom shall Julia turn for assistance? The answer may surprise you. For it is obviously just the opposite of what the desperate Julia might expect.

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New Cover For Unlocking Trinity: The Sketch:

Daniel Teran has produced a sketch for the exciting new cover for Unlocking Trinity, a concluding novel of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series. Helga von Wessel, the femme fatale and villainess of the series, is riding an atomic bomb to her doom —- or at least so Edward Ware hopes.

The Ware’s little girl has been kidnapped by Hitler and forced to live with him at the Berghof. But when Hitler commits suicide in his Berlin Bunker on April 30, 1945, what happens to the child who has been indoctrinated as a Nazi, who has forgotten that English is her native language?

Her biological father, General Lord Edward Ware, must defy Eisenhower’s order to leave Berlin to the Russians. He must get to her before Stalin’s henchwoman does. It becomes a race to Trinity in the wilds of New Mexico in the birth trauma of the Cold War.

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Cheops Books LLC has just received a new review for Hitler’s Chief Spy on Amazon. Eric Ridenour left the following statement:

Talk about a captivating read! Right out the gate, Hitler’s Chief Spy gets into the action with a woman attempting to leave the country over a spy love affair, which immediately turns into a kidnapping! So many books you have to get 100 pages in before getting to the action, not so with this one. In fact, this novel is so action-packed, it is almost overwhelming with the volume of information to take in in the first 10% of the book. At first, I was a bit annoyed and confused, as a speed reader, I can take in a book in an afternoon if I choose, not so with this one. Like a hot cup of coffee, Dora Benley makes you slowly sip the information until it cools down. By the time things cool down, you are deep into the story and can’t put it down. Think the classy tuxedo spy of James Bond, but in World War 2 Germany, with a mix of Indiana Jones-style adventure with tales of lies, kidnapping and deceit, forged maps and a race to the final point. Very historically accurate, I was genuinely impressed, it is hard to put down.

The villainess, Helga von Wessel, Hitler’s chief spy, struts boldly from page to page of this thriller with Europe at her back and all sorts of ambitious notions in her head during the lead up to WW2. As far as she is concerned it isn’t Hitler’s Reich. It is Helga’s Reich. She will wrap the hero, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, Churchill’s spy, around her little finger to prove it. Nor does it matter what Edward’s American wife, Dora, says. Hitler’s Chief Spy is the fifth volume of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series.

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