Hitler Idolized Frederick The Great:

There is no such thing as a “pure evil” person. Evil is supernatural. Nobody is supernatural. It is fascinating to explore historical figures from their point of view and see what they could really have been thinking. In this case it is pure history — what Hitler was doing during the First World War. It is also very important for what came later. Also he wasn’t the only one thinking like that. Large segments of the German population also thought like that. You would think the Europeans would be interested because it is their own family history.

I have come to regard Hitler as a tragic figure. Some German should write a novel about Hitler and Faust where he makes the fatal choice and in the end he is dragged down by fate or the devil or whatever you want to call it. His biggest problem is that he was looking backwards in time and not forward. He spent his last days clutching a portrait of Frederick the Great who was ruler in the 18th century. He wanted to bring back the past just as lots of other Nazis did, too. That was why Gone with the Wind was popular in Germany. They were the children of the First World War. They were born in the 19th century. They wanted to go back to a time before the Great Cataclysm of the Great War.

Just think of the morality back in the mid 18th century. That was when the Spanish Inquisition was still going on. People were only a couple generations away from the horrible religious wars of the 17th century and near medieval thinking. People believed in witches, that sort of thing, and it was a pre-industrial time period. The Holocaust back then would have been conducted IN PUBLIC. Nobody would have hidden anything. Not that I think Hitler knew about the Holocaust, but Himmler was trying to hide it from Hitler as much as everybody else.

Churchill on the other hand was looking forward. Since he was half American he thought of reaching out towards America. That was to be the future, not Hitler’s backward thinking.

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Unlocking Trinity: A Lesson In The Third Reich:

I refused to watch the movie Downfall. I had somebody watch it for me ahead of time. They summarized it. It was a bunch of tripe compared to the memoirs, a Hollywood dramatization if you will. For instance, they claimed it made Eva Braun look like an alcoholic, which she wasn’t. I didn’t want to bother with it. My friend, Gertrude, in Austria agrees with me on this point.

There was a recorded interview with Tradl Junge in the early 2000’s. That is what I listened to. So did Gertude. After a certain point the interviewer stopped asking questions and just listened as Tradl Junge related her memories of the last days in the Fuhrer Bunker, which was very tragic and beyond horrible. For instance, what happened to the Goebbels children was totally unnecessary. They could have been sent on April 20 with Christa Schroeder when she left Berlin to go back to Bavaria and the Berghof, only to see the Berghof destroyed by bombing. She ended up staying there until the Allies arrived. If the children had gone with her they would have survived, too. They would have been handed over to the Americans, not the Russians as their parents feared.

During the last year when Hitler met with his generals he was not totally alone. The secretaries kept an eye on him from not far away. The door wasn’t shut anymore. I doubt if he met with Himmler when he put him in charge of the Eastern Front. At least would really have to investigate the circumstances. Bormann interfered a lot, for instance with the killing of Rommel when Hitler knew nothing about it. Bormann could have signed the papers that made Himmler in charge of the Eastern Front for instance and made it look as if Hitler had done it.

With the isolation of the Berghof during the last few years of the war and the way Bormann made sure Hitler did not find out what he did not want him to know, I fully believe that Hitler’s secretaries, Eva Braun, Heinz Linge, and Hitler himself knew nothing about the Holocaust. I don’t think most people knew in Germany at the time. It was something going on that Himmler was in charge of. Rommel for instance told his son NOT to join the SS. He had heard “rumors” about what was going on that he couldn’t verify and could not get details about. You see? It wasn’t that easy to find out. Rommel was certainly an objective source by 1944.

Albert Speer, though a friend of Hitler, was never part of the inner circle at the Berghof. He never lived there.

The Ware’s little girl has been kidnapped by Hitler and forced to live with him at the Berghof. But when Hitler commits suicide in his Berlin Bunker on April 30, 1945, what happens to the child who has been indoctrinated as a Nazi, who has forgotten that English is her native language?

Her biological father, General Lord Edward Ware, must defy Eisenhower’s order to leave Berlin to the Russians. He must get to her before Stalin’s henchwoman does. It becomes a race to Trinity in the birth drama of the Cold War.

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Is May Right In Blaming The Russian Government?

It depends what you think of as the “Russian government”. Is the government just Putin? Or does it include the top generals and other influential people like the Mayor of Moscow? This is like asking if the Nazi government was just Hitler or did it include Himmler, too? The historic answer with the Nazis was that the government became increasingly departmentalized as the war went on and in Hitler lost control of many things going on. No one knows exactly how the Russian government works. But it is speculated that Putin is just the “show” figure who seems to be in charge, but there are several men underneath him who have their own interests to pursue. So the “rogue elements” are indeed part of the real government of Russia. So May is right in blaming the “government”.

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