Richard I is #2 European Historical Fiction:

King Richard I: A Novel by Dora Benley ranks #2 in European Historical Fiction on Amazon Kindle. Get it while it’s hot.

Elizabeth is a lady in waiting to Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine during the time of her confinement at Salisbury Castle. Queen Eleanor is a woman of remarkable powers, some say dark powers. Elizabeth learns to be a witch from her and takes up the lore of gathering herbs in the woods. The Queen then directs her to accompany her newly crowned son, King Richard I, to the Holy Land on the Third Crusade. She is to protect him against all evil, especially the scheming of Prince John, the new king’s brother, who wants to crown himself in his stead.

Elizabeth sails to the Holy Land to take up battle with the infidel. But she finds herself in an unexpected quandary. Instead of King John the enemy kidnaps her and threatens to put her into a Middle Eastern harem. They threaten to take her away from the man, King Richard I, whom she is sworn to protect and defend. But in the oddest fashion of all, she finds herself falling in love with her captor, a Saracen. What is Elizabeth to do? She cannot forget her oath to the Queen. But she also cannot betray her own heart.

Page Turner Excellent book by Renee Marie:

Excellent book Very entertaining. The characters are well developed. You come to care for the characters and root for them. The way this book was written was enjoyable. The reader was left guessing trying to figure out who the bad guys were, once you thought you knew who was bad the author threw in a plot twist and everything you thought you knew was wrong. King Richard I, Queen Eleanor, the Witch of the White Rose, King Philip of France, Richards brother the future King John. Wonderful fictional book. Highly recommended! I will definitely look for other books written by this author! Absolutely a pleasure to read!

If you enjoyed Richard I: A Novel you will like other young adult novels by Dora Benley including Livia: A Novel, Julia: A Romance, Julius Caesar : A Novel, Book of the Dead, Minotaur, and Helen of Troy.

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Salisbury Plot For Free On Amazon Kindle:
Starting tomorrow May 4 and continuing through May 8 you can download Salisbury Plot for free on Amazon Kindle. This new Edward Ware Thriller at War by Dora Benley takes you to the high seas and the deserted moors of England all in the same thriller. Discover what it holds for you. But hurry! Don’t delay! This offer won’t be repeated this year.
Who is the saboteur following Dora about on the doomed Morro Castle in September of 1934? Who is the terrorist who set fire to the first class writing room on the ocean liner? Who followed Dora and her new husband, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, to Salisbury Cathedral on their wedding day? A creature in a black robe is wielding a sword in the balcony and clanging the bell. The freak seems to summon the legions of the dead who surround them in the hills peppered with bronze age burial mounds, who seem to rise from the cloisters in the center of the cathedral where unknown dead from the Middle Ages still reside. Why does she see her new husband handing money over to the saboteur on her wedding day in a hidden garden of Ware Hall? What does it mean to be married to Colonel Sir Edward Ware? When she finds out the truth it will change Dora’s life forever.
Salisbury Plot is the second volume of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series. The first volume is Key to Lawrence Special Edition. The third volume is Captive at the Berghof Parts 1 and 2, and the fourth volume is Dark Horse. They are all for sale on Amazon Kindle.

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Chapter 9: Wall Street Swastika: Nazi Pigs in the Wall:
Dora could hardly believe it when the ship finally docked in Southampton and they could disembark. They had made it all the way across the Atlantic! Finally!
Churchill, Edward, and Dora had room service breakfast in their cabins before they disembarked. They did not want to appear in public in the first class dining room. The last couple days of the voyage after the Prof had gotten the maps they had stayed secluded in their cabins and had not attended any social events. Nor had they dined in the dining room. They remained incommunicado with the Prof who had his strict instructions from Churchill about where to meet them on land. Churchill did not so much as pick up the cabin phone to talk to his friend. It was too dangerous. As far as Hitler’s spies were concerned when the Prof had bumped into Dora in the Queen’s Room and briefly danced with her it was supposed to be a chance encounter with another passenger who was in his cups. Nothing more. They did not want to make the Germans suspicious.
Edward had driven to the cruise terminal when he came to America. He remembered where the car was parked. They had disembarked early, earlier than anyone else on the ship. When the crew told them the gangway was not yet open, Dora tipped the man generously before he had finished objecting. Then the three of them were able to sneak off the ship undisturbed.
As soon as they pulled out into the traffic on the main road in Southampton, Churchill insisted that he needed refreshment. They had not partaken of the breakfast offered on the ship this morning. They were in too much of a hurry to depart. Edward proposed going to the PIg in the Wall nearby. That made the MP smile as mysteriously as the Mona Lisa if not more so.
Dora was beginning to get the idea that there was more to this than met the eye when they entered the old, medieval-looking establishment located in a building attached to the old stone walls that surrounded the city built after a pirate raid hundreds of years ago. There across the room she saw a familiar figure whom she had last seen on the dance floor aboard the ship. He had his pointed nose stuck in a copy of the Times of London.
Churchill shook the hand of the Prof as they were seated in a dark corner in the back of the wood paneled room with sconces everywhere for illumination even in the middle of the day. Here they were nearest to the kitchen. It was impossible for them to be seen from the entryway door.
“I think it went flawlessly,” Churchill remarked. “All those days acting in student dramas when you were at student at Oxford all those years ago stood you in good stead a few days ago. You looked just like a drunken, womanizing lout.” Churchill complimented him as he called for a glass of grog for everybody.
Dora told the waiter to bring her hot tea with cream and sugar instead.
“How did you get off the ship before we did?” Dora asked. “I had to bribe the cabin boys as it was to let us off.”
The Prof shrugged. “I just saw some men putting up a ramp. I walked down it before the cabin boys were manning it, that’s all. I knew it was better if I did the unexpected. Really nobody said a word.”
“You have that air about you that your students have appreciated for the past generation.,” Winston sipped his grog by the roaring fire.
Dora felt somebody staring at her. She turned to look back across the room. There at a table by the window sat the German thugs from the ship. No doubt they had been hired to follow them. They were genuine Nazi pigs in the wall, so silent they had not been heard until now.

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Chapter 6: Wall Street Swastika: Nazi Goons Walk The Plank:
Dora glared at the four goons at the other table. Oddly enough despite the fact that they had not succeeded in throwing Rita Jolivet out the window at the lighthouse and oddly enough even though they did not possess a single Lawrence map, the German spies looked as if they were wining and dining themselves tonight as the ship headed out to sea to begin the transatlantic crossing. They kept on calling for more bottles of champagne and inviting pretty waitresses to sit down at the table with them and join them. They appeared to be having a grand celebration right on board the Mauretania ocean liner, the sister ship to the Lusitania that the Germans had sunk at the beginning of the last war.
“Bring on some candles!” one spy cried out in broken English with a heavy German accent.
Another tossed deustch marks at a passing waiter. “Bring us some matches and some big wine cups. These are too puny,” he looked with disdain down at his crystal wine glass.
“Isn’t that fellow the one you shot, Edward?’ Dora leaned closer to her fiance. “Wasn’t he lying dead on the floor when we arrived to rescue Rita?”
Edward nodded as if half paying attention to what Dora was saying. He seemed focused on studying the table of spies before them.
“I was wondering why he was already so stiff lying there. I didn’t have time but I should have examined him more closely,” Edward said. “I bet it was planned. If they met any opposition they were to throw down a mannequin with a suit on and a gun and papers in his pocket. He even had that obnoxious note for us.”
Dora nodded. She could see what they were up to. It was all an act just to get their attention about the maps and let them know how serious the Nazi Party leader was in obtaining them. If Dora and Edward did not hand them over, she might lose a friend or two.
Her hair stood up on end when one of the spies waved at her and smiled.
As they left the dining room after dinner, they had to pass by the table of goons. Rita spat at them. But they waved at her, too. Unbelievably they cheered. By then Dora assumed the goons were more than a little drunk with all the wine, women, and song.
They retired to their rooms. The crew had managed to arrange for adjoining rooms for Rita and Dora. Rita kept on bursting through the door so many times that Edward excused himself and went to join Churchill in his cabin down the hallway. But when Dora came back from saying good night to her fiance, she paused at the door. At the end of the darkened hallway that had become still after midnight she could make out a figure of a man. He was so far away she could not make out his features. But his height and silent ways, his very soberness, did not remind her of the table of goons who had been drinking themselves silly a couple of hours ago. The silent form made her shiver.
She did not want to tell Rita about the man lurking in the hallway when she got back to her room. She had to try to settle her old friend down in bed. She did not want to pick up the phone and call Edward either. Rita might overhear. Maybe after the lady went to sleep. All Dora did was make sure that her door was locked.
She took her drink and sat down by the porthole gazing out at the blackened Atlantic Ocean with only a silver moon overhead with gathering clouds. She listened to Rita settling down to sleep. Then a hand from behind suddenly cupped itself over her mouth.
A gun pointed at her temple. “Give me the Lawrence maps, or I will push you overboard.” He dragged her out of her cabin —- she could not imagine how he had gotten in her to begin with, but he no doubt had all the talents of a spider —- and dragged her down the silent hallway past Edward’s room. Dora tried to warn her fiance by reaching out to kick the door. She did not do it very loudly before the creep swept her out on the open deck with no one else about.
He was raising her to throw her overboard when suddenly the man fell back. Edward had taken his gun from him and thrown it overboard. He was pointing it at the gunman. Dora fell into Churchill’s arms as the goon freaked. He climbed up over the railing himself and leaped down into the waves.
There was a ship shadowing them just one hundred feet or so away. Had the spy been picked up? Dora trembled uncontrollably as Edward had made the Nazi walk the plank when it could have been her instead.And there was nothing on earth so lonely as the vast Atlantic Ocean with no other soul about for hundreds of miles and a darkness so incredible it was positively hellish.


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Chapter 4 of Wall Street Swastika: Rita
Dora could not be sure from this distance that the lady was Rita. After all, it was across the harbor. But somehow the bright print that she was wearing reminded her of Rita’s clothes. Also the sound of her voice was just like what Dora remembered.
Edward shot a look at Winston. “We have got to make it over there somehow.”
“The wily Hitler wants to take advantage of every opportunity,” Winston remarked. “He doesn’t waste any time. Wall Street crashing was like the starting gate. The gun went off. Hitler is already headed for the finish line.”
“Edward,” Dora pleaded. “We don’t have time to make it over there across the bay. They are about to force her out the window right now.”
Dora saw the women clinging to the edge of the concrete window sill, grappling for a hand hold while the miscreant inside the tower tried to do everything he could to knock her fingers loose and destroy her grip.
Edward took out his revolver. He had been an ace shot ever since his days during the Great War when he rode with Lawrence of Arabia. He quickly took aim and fired while Dora clapped her hands over her eyes. She could not stand to look in case he missed.
The lady screamed.
The Nazi agent who had been attempting to push the lady out the window at the top of the tower must have been hit. Dora did not see him anywhere. He clearly had not fallen out of the window. He must have slumped to the floor inside the lighthouse instead.
The lady was struggling to pull herself up. She had both hands on the window sill. She was attempting to get a foothold on the side of the lighthouse in the crevices between the stones.
“Can we make it in time?” Dora exclaimed.
“Over here!” Winston cupped his hands to his mouth. He had risen and was standing beside the ship’s rail. He was motioning and waving his hands arms about. He must be trying to get the attenton of a ship worker.
Soon a tender was being lowered down from an upper deck where it had been spending the voyage attached to the side of the ship. Normally the ocean liners did not use the tenders for any purpose except lifeboat drill withe crew and shore excursions ferrying passengers back and forth to land where there was no proper dock to tie up to. The tender was rocking back and forth before it hit the water right below where they had been lounging on the deck.
“Quick! Down to deck 1,” Edward yanked Dora to her feet. “We have got to board and get over there in a big hurry.”
Dora soon found herself floating across the bay towards the lighthouse while the lady still clung there unable to lift herself back up over the window ledge. She must fast be losing strength.
Behind them they were creating quite a scene on the ocean liner. The passengers were out on deck watching every move they made. The authorities must also have been notified, but Edward and Churchill were making it faster than the local police.
As soon as they hit the shore on Georges Island Churchill clambered off. Edward leaped onto the rocks. Dora straggled behind the men, trying to remember that she should not be wearing high heels. But nobody told her this morning that she was going to be saving people in a lighthouse by noon time.
The lady’s screams echoed through their ears as they climbed the spiral staircase inside the building. Edward grabbed the lady clinging there and dragged her inside the building.
Dora grabbed Rita Jolivet in her arms. They clung to each other and wept. They had seen Rita yesterday just before leaving New York. She was going to Paris to make a movie but had to stay behind to deal with her crashed bank account before sailing. Dora had given her a few thousand dollars to manage. They had made arrangments to meet at the Ritz on a weekend soon, and now here was her best friend in all the world being pushed out of a lighthouse.
Edward went through the papers of the Nazi thug lying on the ground. Winston was busy occupying the officious police who had climbed the tower behind them. He was deliberately keeping them out of the room in case Edward should find something sensitive.
“That bastard!” Edward exclaimed. “Look at this letter. It is straight from Hitler himself!”
Dora read the telegraph:
“Very clever, Mrs. Byrne. You leave for England and give the Lawrence maps to your best friend for safekeeping to give back to you later in Europe. But now we have the Lawrence maps!”
Adolf Hitler
“Where are the maps?” Dora asked.
Edward pointed to his sleeve. They had been thinking of giving them to Rita Jolivet but had not done so. The Nazi party leader had been having them followed every step of the way to the ocean liner. He had made the wrong inference, but he had almost been right. He had left the letter with the Nazi agent to leave for them.
They had foiled Hitler but just barely. They were just one step ahead of the maniacal master mind.



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Malcolm Blair Robinson of England has also written a novel about the World War 2 time period and the lead up to it. Check out Hitler’s First Lady on today. It is the story of a young lady who gets mixed up with the Nazis early in life to the point that she actually marries the Nazi Gauleiter of Hamburg and ends up in Hitler’s inner circle. But she sorts it all out later when she finally marries a Brit and moves to Britain in time for the Second World War. There she uses her old connections to the advantage of her new country. Suspenseful tale.
Malcolm will be attending the event on May 1 to kick off the publication of the novel the Salisbury Plot by Dora Benley. If you want to meet him, sign up for the Facebook Party today. Malcolm has also written other books available on Amazon such as Dynamic Quantitative Easing: An Idea for Growth, Downfall in Downing Street, The Judas Cross: Murder, Sex, and Dark Secrets, the Purple Killing, and Two Spooky Mysteries: A Gift of Treason and Stanislaw’s Crossing.

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Wall Street Swastika:
On the morning of October 24, 1929 Dora wakes up in her suite in the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Her lover, Colonel Sir Edward Ware, wakes up beside her. Today is his last day in New York City and in America itself. They are supposed to wander down Fifth Avenue and stop in a jewelry store or two to buy her a memento of his visit, probably the last this year and this decade. Dora, Mrs. Byrne, sighs to think she must return to Pittsburgh where her Robber Baron father, President of Benley Tire and Rubber, holes up and where her husband in name only, Michael Byrne, works for her father. If only she could be returning with Edward in tow as her new husband! But that would require a divorce and scandal which Edward’s career cannot sustain.
Edward reminds her that they have to hurry. They are meeting Winston Churchill, the MP, and his partner in the Lawrence map intrigue for lunch on Wall Street. Winston is meeting with his Jewish friend and financier in America. But when they get there something out of the ordinary is obviously afoot. People are screaming down Wall Street, usually the sober financial capital of the US. Others are standing at windows climbing out on windowsills looking as if they are ready to jump.
They hurry into the restaurant only to find it deserted. They get a call from Winston. He asks him to meet him in his financial advisor’s office. He’s losing his shirt, everything he has invested in stocks in America.
She and Edward appear only to see the unbelievable. Stocks are indeed crashing. Dora’s father calls and proclaims how smart he was never to sell stock in his company. Winston tries to keep up everybody’s spirits as he goes down to financial ruin.
“No one has even thought of the worst effect of all this economic loss all around us. In Germany Hitler has risen to the head of the National Socialist Party. But for the past few years of prosperity he has been stopped there. He hasn’t won a general election yet. But now I am afraid this crash will unleash the powers of darkness.”
Edward pushed aside his own losses from what was left of his own father’s Adolphus Motor’s fortune. He realizes the real gravity of the day. Dora wonders what fate will have in store for them in the next few years.
Read Wall Street Swastika soon to be published by Cheops Books LLC as an Edward Ware Thrillers at War book.

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Wilson to Trump: 100 Years War:
Is The End Of Terrorism Near?
In the Edward Ware Thriller Series Dora and Edward are always reflecting that Hitler is everywhere and they can’t escape him — a kind of terrorism. And if it’s not Hitler it is Hitler’s spies or earlier the Kaiser’s spies looking for the fabled Lawrence maps, key to world domination. Dora finds a saboteur in her shed in Pittsburgh in the South Hills. She ends up having to shoot him herself. At other times saboteurs interrupt them on the beach outside New York City, Coney Island. At another time the spies find them in a cabin in the woods outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. They follow them to Yellowstone. They steal items from their house in England at Ware Hall. There is nowhere Dora and Edward can go in the world to be safe.
Oddly enough it feels like that right now for real in the US and the world in general. Terrorists nowadays might not be after the Lawrence maps. But they seem to be after YOU and everybody else just to make a political point or whatever. Starting two years ago they focused on scaring everybody in Europe. It all seemed to have to do with the migrant crisis. More refugees were on the move than at any time since World War 2. But because Europe, particularly Germany, opened its doors to them Europe now seems to be vulnerable to terrorists in a big way. The Mediterranean in particular seems to be a hotbed of unrest. If you can say that the migrant crisis helped to lead to Brexit, then it helps to explain by there was just recently a confrontation at Gibraltar between England and Spain, the entrance to the Mediterranean. Apparently migrants have used the Mediterranean to cross in boats. The French Riviera town of Nice was shot up in a big way. And now we have Trump launching missiles from a ship in the Mediterranean, making it a war zone, not just a zone of terrorism.
Even if Trump’s missile strike helps to deter the use of chemical and biological weapons by big states, it does not do much to deter terrorism. In the days before the strike there was a terrorist attack in London on Westminster Bridge. The day AFTER the missile strike, another terrorist struck in Stockholm of all places. What is a terrorist doing in Stockholm in Scandanavia? You would think it would be the last place they would go. Are they going to appear in Oslo or Copenhagen next? Is there no place safe? The top of Mt. Everest? The North Pole?
Hopefully the terrorist situation will be resolved somehow during the next few years. I view it as the last stage of the Great War which has turned out to be a 100 years war indeed. All the liberation movements and revolutions that it unleashed have to become history someday. That some day should be soon. But somebody like Trump will have to take the lead. His opening volley is good. He made a big splash with his missile strike. But the big question is what will he do next?

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First Spanish War Since Napoleon:

Gary wonders if there is going to be another war with a Spanish speaking entity, this time about Gibraltar instead of the Falklands. He is quoting some British Admiral named Rear Admiral Chris Parry. He said that Britain isn’t as powerful as it was during the Falklands War but it is 3 times more powerful than Spain when it comes to the navy. He claimed that in the defense of Gibraltar during the breakup of the EU Britain could singe the King of Spain’s Beard, and that is a quote. How is it that British Admirals can go around talking like that unless it is with the permission of the PM? In the US American generals and admirals NEVER talk like that even with the permission of the President. The President and the Secretary of State, Defense, etc usually make all the politically charged statements — not the military. Gary claims that if we were on a Mediterranean Cruise and anchored at Gibraltar especially on the QM2, there we would be in the middle of a war zone and the British navy would probably commission the ship!!! We would be stuck having to fly back to the States.
I think I should add all this as an Afterword to my Napoleonic novel, Inn at the Crossroads — about the modern day Napoleonic tiff that might just occur though I don’t see how the US would permit a war in Western Europe. Back in the days of the Napoleonic Wars, Napoleon put his brother Joseph on the throne of Spain. An uprising in Madrid was crushed, but there were guerilla attacks out in the countryside. They were doing hit and run on the French troops. The British under Sir Arthur  put in a small force to support the guerillas in Spain to stir things up. This was the last time that the British fought in Spain. But at Trafalgar Nelson was fighting a combined French-Spanish fleet in 1805. So earlier in the Napoleonic Wars British was actually fighting Spain itself.

Here is the plot of the novel Inn at the Crossroads, part of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series: Lizette receives an urgent missive from her mother and sister in the town of Waterloo to come and rescue them and bring them to Ave et Auffe where she is married to the old man innkeeper of the Inn at the Crossroads. The British under the Duke of Wellington are invading Waterloo in preparation for the Battle after campaigns in Spain where they fought the French and the Spanish. When she gets to Waterloo, she finds that her family couldn’t wait. They went to Brussels to help her aunt sew dresses for the ball. The crazy Duchess of Richmond has decided to have a grand ball on the eve of the battle, the soldiers be damned.  Gaston, Lizette’s husband’s only son, shows up and threatens his stepmother he will expose her and drag her home if she doesn’t get information for the cause of the Emperor Napoleon. She is to dance with the officers, including Edward Ware’s great-grandfather, and report to him. But little does Gaston realize the complications that he creates. Lizette is arrested and thrown in jail.  Will Gaston be able to rescue her? Will he be able to help Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo? Read Inn at the Crossroads, an historical thriller.



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Russia and Unlocking Trinity:

The fate of Russia is almost totally within US hands. Russia knows it too behind the facade it tries to project to its own people. That was why Putin was the first to call Bush after 9/11. Russia is at the bottom of the pecking order in Europe. It is on the outer fringe of civilization where it has been since the Middle Ages, the last buffer against the Far Eastern barbarian hordes who could otherwise have overrun Europe and instead overran only Russia i. e. the Monguls. Russia didn’t have a literature until much later than any other country in Western Europe. It lagged behind to the point that Peter the Great visited the Netherlands as a model. He built St. Petersburg to look more like a European city. To this day St. Petersburg is Russia’s western face. Russia had a serf system that didn’t get abolished until well into the 19th century whereas in England it never fully took hold even in the Middle Ages. For instance you had the famous Magna Carta instead. And in America there never was a serf class at all. In Russia they couldn’t shake the Middle Ages until one hundred years ago this month, the Revolution of 1917, when America was already an industrial giant and Britain’s Empire ruled the waves, having a couple centuries before come up with capitalism itself.
Russia suffered the worst of any country in WW1 and WW2, much worse than the loser, Germany itself. Being at the foot of the West Russia is dependent on the welfare of western civilization and particularly America. If America started to fall, Russia would feel the worst impact.
Not being a democracy Russian leaders can go where they want abroad as long as we don’t challenge them which we don’t tend to do because it would destabilize Russia and Russia would fall and create the sort of chaos that led to WW1. America is hindered in its foreign operations by its isolationism, etc. But when it wants to it now rules the waves with Britain’s assistance.

Russia features as a setting in the historical thriller Unlocking Trinity, about the creation of the atom bomb during WW2. Stalin was spying on the scientists at Los Alamos. Dora and Edward get involved in the Cheops Books LLC Edward Ware Thrillers at War novel Unlocking Trinity.

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