New Cover For Armistice Plot:

Cheops Books LLC is working with a cover artist by the name of Daniel Teran to design a new cover for the upcoming historical thriller Armistice Plot. It is to be published next November 11, 2018, the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the First World War, World War 1, or the Great War.

We have settled on a cover design. We are going to have a picture of October 1, 1918, the day when Damascus fell to the British under Colonel T. E. Lawrence and General Allensby. T.E. Lawrence will be depicted driving into the Syrian capital of Damascus in a Silver Ghost Rolls Royce. This is not made up. It is what actually occurred and is evidenced by a surviving photo which we have included as part of this blog post. Sitting beside T. E. Lawrence will be his fellow British officer, Lieutenant Edward Ware, the hero of the Edward Ware Thrillers at War Series. The background will be of course Syrian. We have settled on an atmospheric photo of Bosra Sham including an arched gateway complete with oriental rugs.
The cover has not yet been drawn so we cannot yet show it to you. But we here at Cheops Books LLC will keep you posted on its progress.

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Julius Caesar: A Novel: Free On Kindle

In old age and in exile Servilia, mother of Marcus Brutus, awaited the suicide order from the Emperor Augustus, Caesar’s heir, who put to death all of Julius Caesar’s enemies. But instead he asked her to return to Rome and advise him as she once advised his predecessor, whose mistress she was. He wanted her to help raise the daughter of her old enemy Cleopatra, whom he brought back from Egypt after the death of the Serpent of the Nile: “Rome … that great maw of cites, the eater of men that ground and chewed up lives as if they were mere sandy grit between its teeth and then spat them out again. Through endless cycles of the seasons, revolutions, civil wars, and lives always the same. Did I have enough strength in this feeble body to war with her again? The child looked up at me. The answer was on my lips.”

See what you think of this historical thriller from the point of view of Servilia, Julius Caesar’s lifelong friend and mistress. She provides her own perspective on the colossus among men caught between the Republican faction of old Rome and those longing for empire. But hurry! This offer won’t be repeated this year.

If you liked this novel you might want to try other titles by Dora Benley including Minotaur, Cleopatra’s Stone, Helen of Troy, Medea the Witch, and Book of the Dead. They are all offered on Amazon Kindle.



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Malcolm Blair Robinson of England has also written a novel about the World War 2 time period and the lead up to it. Check out Hitler’s First Lady on today. It is the story of a young lady who gets mixed up with the Nazis early in life to the point that she actually marries the Nazi Gauleiter of Hamburg and ends up in Hitler’s inner circle. But she sorts it all out later when she finally marries a Brit and moves to Britain in time for the Second World War. There she uses her old connections to the advantage of her new country. Suspenseful tale.
Malcolm will be attending the event on May 1 to kick off the publication of the novel the Salisbury Plot by Dora Benley. If you want to meet him, sign up for the Facebook Party today. Malcolm has also written other books available on Amazon such as Dynamic Quantitative Easing: An Idea for Growth, Downfall in Downing Street, The Judas Cross: Murder, Sex, and Dark Secrets, the Purple Killing, and Two Spooky Mysteries: A Gift of Treason and Stanislaw’s Crossing.

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The Lincoln Highway: America Is The Same Everywhere
Also an observation from two years ago when we were driving the autobahns in Germany and in Belgium and Luxembourg. In Germany they had a law about putting a road stop service station or roadside eatery every so many miles. This vanished in Belgium and was not nearly as convenient. So they could not have had EXACTLY the same laws about their roads. Also Belgium had 24 hour lighting on the highways that was absent in Germany. I’d say that the conditions on the roads in America (and we drove those, too) are actually more similar. We kept on saying that at the time. In America you have lots of road stops all over the place and THEY ARE THE SAME BUSINESSES AND RESTAURANTS EVERYWHERE FOR 3000 MILES such as McDonalds, Burger King, Perkins Restaurant, Applebees, Ruby Tuesday, Denny’s, etc. In fact McDonalds and Burger King helped provide unity along the road across Germany, too — but not Belgium. The food turned distinctly French. We found Laughing Cow Cheese for sale.

Back in the days of the Lincoln Highway Dora and Edward drove for hundreds of miles seeing the same sorts of auto courts and food establishments along the big road. They were experiencing an American tradition totally unlike Europe in the historical thriller, Old Faithful Plot.

While they are hiding out from Dora’s husband at the Old Faithful Lodge in 1933, Dora and Edward are also hiding Lawrence maps that Churchill has given them and which Hitler would do anything to get his hands on. Enter Helga and Herr von Wessel, Hitler’s top spies. They warn Colonel Sir Edward Ware and Dora that either they hand over the top secret maps, key to world domination, or they will blow up Yellowstone National Park. They will turn the famous geyser basin into volcanic rubble – and the rest of America, too, which would be buried in volcanic ash just like Pompeii. And if that doesn’t work they have an even darker plot up their sleeves, one that would change history itself.

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Russia and Unlocking Trinity:

The fate of Russia is almost totally within US hands. Russia knows it too behind the facade it tries to project to its own people. That was why Putin was the first to call Bush after 9/11. Russia is at the bottom of the pecking order in Europe. It is on the outer fringe of civilization where it has been since the Middle Ages, the last buffer against the Far Eastern barbarian hordes who could otherwise have overrun Europe and instead overran only Russia i. e. the Monguls. Russia didn’t have a literature until much later than any other country in Western Europe. It lagged behind to the point that Peter the Great visited the Netherlands as a model. He built St. Petersburg to look more like a European city. To this day St. Petersburg is Russia’s western face. Russia had a serf system that didn’t get abolished until well into the 19th century whereas in England it never fully took hold even in the Middle Ages. For instance you had the famous Magna Carta instead. And in America there never was a serf class at all. In Russia they couldn’t shake the Middle Ages until one hundred years ago this month, the Revolution of 1917, when America was already an industrial giant and Britain’s Empire ruled the waves, having a couple centuries before come up with capitalism itself.
Russia suffered the worst of any country in WW1 and WW2, much worse than the loser, Germany itself. Being at the foot of the West Russia is dependent on the welfare of western civilization and particularly America. If America started to fall, Russia would feel the worst impact.
Not being a democracy Russian leaders can go where they want abroad as long as we don’t challenge them which we don’t tend to do because it would destabilize Russia and Russia would fall and create the sort of chaos that led to WW1. America is hindered in its foreign operations by its isolationism, etc. But when it wants to it now rules the waves with Britain’s assistance.

Russia features as a setting in the historical thriller Unlocking Trinity, about the creation of the atom bomb during WW2. Stalin was spying on the scientists at Los Alamos. Dora and Edward get involved in the Cheops Books LLC Edward Ware Thrillers at War novel Unlocking Trinity.

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Starting April 6 and running through April 10 Key to Lawrence Special Edition will be on sale on Amazon. You will be able to download it for free to commemorate the date of the American entry into World War 1 100 year ago on April 6. On April 6, 1917 President Wilson went to Congress and had them declare war. This was the end of America’s traditional isolationism since the time of the Founding Fathers. Jefferson had warned against foreign entanglements. The entry into the First World War led directly to America’s role as the lead power in the world today and to the Pax Americana. Dora Benley, the heroine of Key to Lawrence, experienced this entry into war in the novel. Her fiance was off fighting with Lawrence of Arabia. She had not seen him in two years and wasn’t to see him again for two years more. But she was glad that America was finally getting revenge for the murder of her friends when the Germans torpedoed the Lusitania. The cry, “Remember the Lusitania!” was on everybody’s lips —- all one hundred years ago right now.
Water rushed into the four, great smoke stacks of the ship as they, too, hit the waves. Tremendous, churning whirlpools sucked victims inside. A few were ejected, blackened with soot. Propellers rose above the maelstrom. The rudder lifted higher than the smoke stacks. The ship’s prow pointed down toward the deep. It looked as if the ship’s nose would hit the sea bed hundreds of feet below. The Lusitania sank in only 18 minutes after being torpedoed on May 7, 1915. Dora Benley vowed revenge on the enemy. Key to Lawrence tracks the beginning of her quest for justice in this special edition of the first volume of the Edward Ware Thriller Series. It commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Great War.
To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Lusitania, Cheops Books has published a special edition of Key to Lawrence Special Edition on February 15, 2015. The HMS Lusitania sank on May 7, 1915 shortly after lunch was served at 2:00PM. A German U-boat fired a torpedo into the ship. It sank in only 18 minutes, leaving hundreds of people in the water of the Irish Sea, sometimes for hours, before they were rescued and taken to Queenstown, Ireland, about 6 miles away. Over 1000 passengers were killed, including prominent Americans such as Alfred Vanderbilt and Elbert Hubbard, though hundreds managed to survive. It was a clarion call both to the heroine of the novel, Miss Dora Benley, as well as to other Americans to enter the war against Germany. The keystone event in the Great War deserves a special edition: Key to Lawrence: Special Edition.

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Edward and Dora are on their way from New York Harbor all the way to Yellowstone National Park. At the last minute before they turn off the Lincoln Highway to make their way for the East Entrance to the national park, they stop for lunch at a diner. The approaches them with a message delivered the day before by telegraph. It is from Churchill back in London. How did he know they would stop there? There was no other place for miles around, and the backbencher was banking on it.
The Churchill agent with whom they are to rendezvous in the park was diverted suddenly south by Hitler’s spies, Helga and Herr von Wessel, who are chasing them across the country. The agent arrived in the wilds of northern Arizona, hundreds of miles from here. He tried to pick the most obscured location imaginable. They are now to rendezvous with him at a place called the Painted Desert Inn in the northern part of Petrified Forest National Monument right off Route 66.
What will they find in the Petrified Forest at the Painted Desert Inn? Who is lurking there in wait for them? Dora and Edward are about to find out as they pursue this unexpected adventure in the upcoming Cheops Books LLC thriller Old Faithful Plot.

Painted Desert Inn

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Hamlet is Shakespeare’s longest play. Did you ever get tired of all that lack of action, that constant lamenting, that constant to be or not to be stuff? Did you ever wish Hamlet had been an action hero instead with a whole new face and purpose? Well, you have to look no farther than Murder in Hamlet’s Castle to be published by Cheops Books LLC.


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Donald Trump is supposed to be German on his father’s side and Scottish on his mother’s side. the Germans repelled the Romans in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9AD. The Romans never reached Scotland. But still Marcus Crassus, the financier of Julius Caesar, and Donald Trump, the President elect, look like twins.
Not only were both real estate investors and billionaire investors in their respective countries, but to judge by the statue of Marcus Licinius Crassus below and the photo of Donald Trump right beside it, both seem to take themselves seriously and project very sober looks. They purse their lips just so. They both possess long, aquiline, aristocratic noses of distinction. Both faces draw attention to their imposing eyebrows. Their jowls look formidable. You wouldn’t want to mess with them! The only feature that looks different is Donald Trump’s signature hairdo while Marcus Crassus preferred a more traditional cut. That just shows that Donald Trump is from nowadays and Crassus is from 2000 years ago. But still history seems to be repeating itself in having a businessman come to the fore of politics.

It almost seems like the two of them are destined to end up in an Edward Ware Thrillers at War novel!

crassusbust mr-trump-yellow-tie

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During the late Roman Republic Marcus Crassus was a Roman billionaire with all sorts of real estate investments everywhere in the ancient city with one million people. All sorts of anecdotes abound such as the one that he would send agents around town to set fire to apartment buildings only to bargain with the owners to sell them the property as it burned. When the agreement was reached, he would put out the fire with Republican Rome’s only fire department.
He had political aspirations of his own, but they could go only so far in those days. Rome was an aristocratic society. Office holders had to be the scions of certain noble families. So Crassus used his money to back the most successful Roman politician and conqueror who ever lived, Julius Caesar.
Cut to 2016 America. Donald Trump is a real estate billionaire from New York City, the Rome of modern day America. In this democratic society he can run for office himself and has won the current election. For the first time Marcus Crassus gets his chance to rule.

Anything is possible in the world of Cheops Books, LLC.

crassusbust mr-trump-yellow-tie



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