On The Road Again Winners —- Lou and TR Bear
Lou and TR Bear submitted their winning entry for the On The Road Again Contest hosted by Cheops Books LLC. They snapped a photo of themselves cruising along in their car on the newly reconstructed Houghton Road. In the background you will see the Santa Catalina Mountains, the subject of the most recent June issue of Arizona Highways Magazine: Special Collector’s Issue with an illustration of the range on the front cover. They wrote in that they could imagine Dora and Edward cruising along in the same direction headed for Mt. Lemmon, the highest mountain in the range. They could hide out in a cabin at the top at 9,000 feet elevation. How could Helga von Wessel and Adolf Hitler find them there? They might try to smoke them out in the Santa Catalina Mountains especially now that it is summer with one of those runaway wildfires. Helga has been known to do far worse in the service of her Fuhrer. But Dora and Edward are certainly capable of outwitting them in the Santa Catalina Mountains as they continue to hide the Lawrence maps, key to world domination.

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