Venetian Thrillers Abound On Our Website:

Venice is one of our favorite settings for thrillers. It is exotic and different from anywhere else on the planet. It sure beats the suburban mall as a setting for the next mystery.

In Hitler’s Chief Spy Dora and Edward flee Hitler to Italy only to have Hitler’s friend, Mussolini, come after them. They must escape one of his speeches in the square in Venice and sail to Paris.
In Armistice Plot Herr von Wessel is Hitler’s chief supporter. Edward is trying to trace their correspondence to discover their plans and plots. He must go to von Wessel’s headquarters in Venice to uncover certain papers. Instead he meets Helga von Wessel staring down at him from a painting on the wall.

In the young adult supernatural novel Back to Venice, eighteen year old Alexandra Banks yawns and stretches as she asks her chauffeur where they are. Charles says the Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego. Alexandra thinks it looks like Venice with all the canals, gondolas, and gondoliers in Italian Renaissance and medieval costumes. They were there just last week with her high roller parents. Charles tells her it is California make believe like Disneyland. He points out at sign that advertises gondola rides on the Coronado Cays. But Alexandra isn’t sure when the costumed gondoliers begin to stare at her.

She knows something very strange is going on when she takes a ride in a gondola and steps out into what is obviously Venice. But it is not the Venice of today but of hundreds of years ago. Passers by gawk at her. They are suspicious of her twenty-first century clothes and her cell phone. She is quickly arrested and put on trial for her life as a witch. How did Alexandra get into such a fix to begin with? What is going on? How does she escape? She had better figure it out soon or she may never emerge from the nightmarish Middle Ages and get back to her real life again.

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