Dora Benley Authors Young Adult Novels and Historical Thrillers:

If you turn to Dora Benley’s author’s page, you will notice that she authors both young adult novels as well as adult historical thrillers as well as a special category of Egyptian novels as well as a YA series called the Dark. These novels are both historical and contemporary. You can take your pick. In the YA group you have works such as: Mary’s Gone, Rose Red, Latin Lessons, Murder on Spirit Island, Murder in Jasper, Silver Wolf Moon, Ophelia Plot, Murder on Hollywood Beach, and Back to Venice. In the YA Dark group you have Dark 1, Dark 2, Dark: A Trilogy, and Dark 3: Special Edition.

In the Egyptian group you have novels such as Demon From Egypt, Curse of the Pharaoh, Caesar and Cleopatra: A Novel, Cleopatra’s Stone, Curse of Egypt, Doom of Egypt, Murder at the Sphinx, and Book of the Dead. And in the adult historical group you have Julius Caesar: A Novel, Livia: A Novel, Helen of Troy, Julia: A Romance, Medea the Witch, Minotaur, King Richard 1: A Novel, and Jason and Medea.

One of the most recent Dora Benley novels published in called Murder on Hollywood Beach. A prowler is after Gina in her California seaside mansion where she has lived by herself since her mother’s death in a questionable airplane accident a few years before. She gets constant notes from the stalker: “Come to me, my bride, my love. We will be united in death”. She is afraid to emerge from her glitzy mansion, wondering if this creep was her mother’s killer, too.

She is surrounded by a houseful of servants, some of whom seem suspicious such as the gardener. He is always watching her. Certainly there is no one she can trust. Enter Bruno, her ex-boyfriend, the sex maniac who is still trying to persuade the recluse Gina to leave her mansion on the rocks by the crashing sea and go swimming or have a party or drive along the coast, or something else equally dangerous. But what is Gina to do? Whom else can she trust besides Bruno? She had better get it figured out quickly, or else Gina, the daughter of the dead and beautiful Hollywood starlet, will soon become very dead herself.

If you enjoy Murder on Hollywood Beach you will enjoy other young adult thrillers by Dora Benley that have a romantic edge such as Silver Wolf Moon, Mary’s Gone, Latin Lessons, Rose Red, Murder on Spirit Island, Murder in Jasper, and Ophelia Plot.

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Medea The Witch On Promotion On Amazon:

The five day promotion for Medea The Witch begins today, January 1, New Year’s Day, and continues through Friday, January 5. But hurry! You will not want to miss this chance to download the historical thriller about ancient Greece by Dora Benley. This offer won’t be repeated this year.

Medea the Witch is the story of Jason and Medea told from the point of view of Medea. This is not the more familiar tale of Jason’s voyage to Colchis in which the latter encounters Harpies and monsters at every turn (i.e., the material of the 1950’s movie Jason and the Argonauts), but rather it is the tale of the clash of two very different cultures. Medea comes from the fading world of Goddess worshipers with a long matriarchal tradition. She is suddenly thrust into Jason’s Greek world of the followers of the Sky God Zeus where women are best left behind veils. No one understands her “magic” and she is called a “witch.” She is left to defend herself as best she can. The death of her tradition combines with the havoc wreaked by the Thera volcanic eruption at the end of the Bronze Age to presage the end of her world.

If you liked Medea the Witch, you will like other tales by Dora Benley including Minotaur, Helen of Troy, Book of the Dead, Jason and Medea, and Caesar and Cleopatra: A Novel.

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Download Jason and Medea: A Novel Free On Kindle:

Starting tomorrow Jason and Medea: A Novel by Dora Benley will be free for you to download on Amazon Kindle. The special promotion will continue for the next five days through the weekend and beyond. But hurry! This offer will not be repeated this year.

Princess Medea lives in the dream-like Kingdom of Colchis along the Black Sea. It is the richest land in the world presided over by a gift from the gods, the Golden Fleece. Gold is as plentiful in this land as the sands on the beach. She and her sister go to do the palace laundry one day and discover a strange ship from a foreign land coming ashore along the Phasis River. Her father holds a banquet, and Medea meets a golden-haired prince from far away. Jason claims he has come here to win the Golden Fleece to take home to Greece with him. He is willing to fight for the Colchians or to buy the Fleece outright.

Medea’s father, King Aeetes, at once summons his guards and warriors and throws the foreigner and his sailors in jail. Medea knows she must save this foreign prince or no one else will. But in order to save him she must betray her father and her people. It is a hard choice for one so young to make. But for Medea there is no turning back.

Jason and Medea: A Novel is Dora’s Benley’s latest Greek and Roman novel about the ancient world for young adults. If you enjoyed this romantic suspense novel, you will also enjoy her other works such as Julius Caesar: A Novel, Caesar and Cleopatra: A Novel, Medea the Witch, Helen of Troy, Minotaur, Cleopatra’s Stone, Book of the Dead, and Julia: A Novel.


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Jason and Medea: A Novel for Young Adults:

Here we have Dora Benley’s latest novel about the ancient world. This time she turns to mythology for her inspiration and picks a well known tale. But she has her own original rendition of he fabled story.

Without Medea’s help, Jason had no mere mortal hope of getting the Golden Fleece and bringing it home to his people. Medea would have to betray her family and her people to save Jason, this golden giant among men, whom she came to love. Together they would face the wrath of a people and take on the gods in Jason and Medea: A Novel for middle grades to young adult readers brought to you by Edward Ware Thrillers YA, an imprint of Cheops Books, LLC. Stories out of the past.

If you enjoyed this young adult mythological romantic suspense tale — which breaks ground in not following the most conventional story about Medea but tells its own thrilling romance — you might want to read Dora Benley’s other Greek and Roman novels for YA’s including Julius Caesar: A Novel, Caesar and Cleopatra: A Novel, Cleopatra’s Stone, Medea the Witch, Julia: A Novel, Minotaur, and Book of the Dead.


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